Tehllama 7" DiscoRaceLeague SRC7

By tehllama on Feb 23, 2020

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This is my cheapskate reply to the DRL Racer4 Street. It's not intended in any way to take away from how amazing what DRL.io is actually doing, or how neat Tombo's R4 Street-CE build based on the Project399 Practice Rig is (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/21813)

I just personally wanted something I'd be more content to go bash around local parks with, show off in tighter scenarios, and also indulge my whimsical desires to chase drift cars, fly medium & long range, and race with my local chapter on the same quad.

Heart of this concept is to run a hundred standard 5050RGB (WS2812) LEDs on a 7" framed quadcopter that is half the nominal price of the Racer4-Street. I've got the color set to change in Betaflight off a potentiometer on the radio, and with that many LEDs, in anything other than full sunlight I am tasting the rainbow.

The specific motors are the 3BH 2408 'Training' POPO motors, in 1900KV. I feel like this is an adequate compromise option for a mostly 4S cruising setup, for which 5S and throttle limited 6S use is pretty reasonable. Mostly, the low cost of this frame, motor, and ESC combination made it really attractive to have a 7" quad that can meet all my freestyle needs for big fast cruiser, and this delivers completely. The overall thrust and locked in tune I was able to get with some quick suggestions from KrunkedFPV off his 7" rigs has this as the cleanest flying setup I own. As I was already aware, 7" quads can absolutely shrug off the weight of a Hero7 camera.

Actual performance from this setup is solid, although not earth-shattering. It is an 800g quad with 5S 1800mAh batteries, and handles like that, but ultimately that's the point of this build: get a quad that is 80% of the weight, has 80% of the thrust, and see if I can pilot it with 20% of the skill the DRL pilots do.

The new plan for this build is to run dual GoPro on it, and try chasing Winged Sprint Cars at the race track, and dual-GoPro is going to be a very unique perspective to capture that action.

Overall, this has been quite a success. It's actually a great chase quad, I've even had great success chasing other quads around race courses with this thing, the smoothness and thrust delivery is excellent. I do think the top end performance is 'too good' for serving as a DRL Racer4 emulator quad, because the higher motor KV and biblade props I run give it a bit more top end performance, although slapping on a 4S battery brings the setup right back into performance range. The efficiency at anything other than full stick is also impressive, which for a quad built in no way to be lightweight is actually remarkably good.



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