ChopSticks V2.2

By StickyRice on Dec 19, 2019

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This is it! I guess a few months of testing will be worth the wait!

Things I didn't like on the original chopsticks frame:

  1. It was hard to make and too complicated.
  2. Broke to easily and warped after some time.
  3. 2mm carbon fiber rods suck!
  4. Jello was an issue.
  5. Space was an issue.

This is ChopSticks V2.2. It's packs more features and I hope more people will get to try this one!
Things I improved on:

  1. Easier to make!!!
  2. Easy to replace broken parts
  3. TPU arm ends to prevent nasty crashes, adds to motor protection, and adds to motor dampening.
  4. A brace to distribute force when crashing.
  5. No super glue required!!

Things you will need:

  • 3mm Carbon fiber rods
  • An object to cut the rods (ex. saw)
  • A 3D printer or someone who owns one
  • TPU and PLA plastic
  • M2 Hardware (for your motors use 5mm, for your stack, best to use 8mm>=)
  • Ruler (if you're estimating or making sure of your lengths)
  • STL files in this article (

The TinyHawk Board has its own canopy but I'm not sure if its worth adding it. Comment if you want it to be included. You can also use the really nice traditional whoop style canopies (ex. from ledrone and dave_c) for the 26x26 version.

Theres a 3 hole and a 4 hole mount for the motors, but I highly discourage the 3 hole mount because I have not yet tested them.

[Insert Build video here]



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