By crisat on Dec 21, 2019

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  • A traditional toothpick has a tall profile and the camera is very exposed to shocks. So I designed a 3d printed camera mount -- that I call Marsupio -- which gives the quad a flatter profile and avoids the camera hitting the floor in crashes. This mount makes the drone more compact and reduces the number of parts (since it serves both as a canopy and a mount).
  • There are two versions, one with the camera in lower position (for 3 bladed props) and one with the camera in higher position (for 2 bladed pop in props).
  • The dry weight is 37g
  • With 1s 260 mah (old) gnb batteries (with 7g weight) I get 4 minutes of hoovering time.
  • The STL can be downloaded from thingiverse: (Marsupio_Toothpick)
  • If you print it, use PLA (my ABS prints cracked too easily)
  • I hope you also enjoy it!



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