Project MicroLongRange

By Dave_C FPV on Dec 22, 2019

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The basic idea of the Micro Long Range (MicroLR) ist quite simple: Scale down a 7" long range quad until it is sub 250g AUW. While there are many sub 250 micros the clue here is the electronics layout with a 16x16 stack in the center plus 20x20 stack in the back
as well as the dead cat design and 4" inch props for maximum efficiency. This frame configuration allows you to easily fit an impressive amount of feature in your sub 250 setup:

  • GPS for speed, location, return home etc.
  • 4K video footage with no props in view
  • And independent buzzer for easier post crash recovery even if the battery is ejected
  • 3+ miles of range with and 800mW VTX
  • 10+ minutes of flight time (11:20min of cruising on 850mah 3S)

I personally ended up with to setups after testing at least five or six. One i a lighter version with a Runcam Split Nano (206g) and the other is the full spec with GPS, Buzzer and Tarsier (228g).

The frame is open source and you can find all the files on Thingiverse:
To buy a frame you can simplay send an email to and ask for Daves MicroLongRange frame.
They will charge you USD24 including standoffs and screws plus shipping.
Disclaimer: CNCMadness is a third party and I only provide the files for free. I'm not taking any share of the profit so I don't
have any influence on quality, shipping times etc.

The Carbon parts are also available through Armattan Productions:
Unfortunately you'll have to get th harware separately but I linked everything you need in the Thingiverse article.



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Pairadime   Jan 28, 2020  

Just finished building this, can't seem to get GPS working with the HGLRC stack, I've even swapped the GPS module from another quad that I know works and its still not locking onto any satellites. Can you provide which Stack firmware you used on your build?

Dave_C FPV   Jan 31, 2020 

Hi, works without isses for me although it sometimes takes a while to lock in on some stallites.
I stil run BF 4.0

00jferna   Jan 09, 2020  

I'm looking to do this build, but want to maintain VTX control. Have you looked at the TBS Pro32 VTXs? You can control those through CF lua scripts.

Levin   Jan 20, 2020 

You can hook up any VTX supporting the smartaudio protocol through the crossfire reciever directly.

00jferna   Jan 21, 2020 

didn't know

ledimestari   Jan 10, 2020  

For it to be a proper LR build you need to have the crossfire antenna vertically, it really makes a difference

ghostface   Jan 17, 2020 

A lite version of this for m2 standoffs would be what I would use. placed on the rear or center standoff
Love this mount and makes it very convenient for packing the quad without bending the antenna when mounted vertically

Yinka_Brasil   Jan 13, 2020  

Is the GPS holder a separate accessory (tpu), or is does it come with the frame's hardware?

Quantumphart   Jan 08, 2020  

What about an AIO toothpick fc like this one ? Could you not remap pads for gps input.

Dave_C FPV   Jan 08, 2020 

Simply because there is no space. 16x16 is way more compact and a better chpice for this frame IMO

hasan2007   Jan 06, 2020  

How does it fly? do you have any flight footage?

bistro   Jan 05, 2020  

Really nice, have you concidered fitting in whoop/toothpick mount as well?

Power_FPV   Dec 24, 2019  

Damn, Love it!

Pairadime   Dec 23, 2019  

This is exactly what I've been thinking about making.  I will most like get a frame and start building.

bootbox   Dec 22, 2019  

I wonder if there is enough room in the rear to fit the DJI Air Unit.

Dave_C FPV   Dec 23, 2019 

No unfortunately the DJI unit is huge compared to the frame but i do expect the new DJI compatible unit Caddx announced to fit perfectly   Dec 22, 2019  

Heck yeah man finally put it on here XD!!!!

OptimaZe   Dec 22, 2019  

Very nice!

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