iFlight DC3 HD

By M490fpv on Dec 24, 2019

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I love the idea of having a DJI system in 3" frame with dead cat design, so I props are not in view and i don't necessarily have to carry a gopro.
iFlight DC3 HD frame looked really interesting, so decided to try it.
Camera protection seemed really poor in original design, so I designed a printable mount.
I also designed the arm protectors / motor soft mounts + Cinerat style prop guards.
Air unit needed to go 2mm back to give some more room to stack, so I draw new mounts
Antenna mount looked horrible to my eye, so I utilized my earlier adjustable mount design here as well.
Parts can be found on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4063394
Except prop guards: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4362544
GoPro hero session 5 mount: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4244228

All green parts were printed of Sainsmart green TPU. It is the best color TPU on planet earth right now. Period.
Black antenna mount was printed of TPU 98A to have some more rigidity.


Part List


Iflight DC3 HD Frame for DJI FPV Air Unit (4 builds)

Flight Controller

HGLRC XJB F440 Tower


4 x Motor 1407 - 3100KV (2-4S) AMAXinno
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FPV Transmitter

Unité aérienne DJI FPV (188 builds)
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Rudygon   Jun 07, 2020  

love the mods. specially the much needed camera protection.

Rotoness   Jan 25, 2020  

how much flight time your getting?

newtrojan   Dec 27, 2019  

Awesome. I just built the same but using the iflight Succex f7 FC and ESC. What all you did for waterproofing. I had the capacitor next to ESC and cable management was an issue.

M490fpv   Dec 28, 2019 

thanks! i just used a waterproofing laquer to every circuit board.

newtrojan   Dec 28, 2019 

could you provide a link or an image for the product. also if resoldering is required how to remove it.

M490fpv   Dec 28, 2019 

This is what i'm using, but there are plenty of similar products. You dont need to take this off to resolder, it melts under the soldering iron


upioneer   Dec 27, 2019  

nice! we both built purple and green "joker" quads. your colors pop more though!

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