Delta Tadpole

By FUNETIC FPV on May 04, 2020

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1105 motor, 6000kv. 3s powered. Around 115g including battery. Seems to fly really nicely on the bi-blade props, lots of punch! It flies like a 5 inch quad which is great!! I'm getting 6:30 to 7:00 minutes flight time on a 3s 450mah cruising around, and about 5 minutes ripping freestyle. Tuned up with Betaflight 4.2 at the time of writing I'm able to move the filter sliders all the way to the right and the motors are still running cool, flight performance is great so far with only a little bit of propwash but only if I intentionally do maneuvers to try and fly through my own propwash to bring it out. I'm actually amazed at how much this feels like a 5" freestyle quad. I don't bother with carrying gopro's or HD cams on my 5" quads so at this point I don't see a need to keep building them if i can build these. Big advantage is this isn't as loud and scary so you can fly smaller spots without freaking people out, also crash a 5" quad and you always break stuff, crash this and it just bounces. I'm tipping my post flight bench repair hours are going to go way down if I fly this more :)



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maaaxaltan   May 25, 2021  

Hi nice build! I'm thinking about building one of these too, but how much louder is this than a toothpick style 2.5"? Is it something you feel comfortable flying in the general area of other people. Thanks

FUNETIC FPV   May 25, 2021 

yeah its very quiet, i feel comfortable flying it in smaller spaces near people. i am in australia and the law is that you cant fly over or within 30 metres of a person so i stick to that anyway

maaaxaltan   May 25, 2021 

cool thanks. I guess i'll have to build one for myself then :)

subiel   Mar 11, 2021  

Hi! I built almost the same! unfortunately 3-3.5 minutes is max in the air ... could you tell me where the difference comes from? maybe something in the beta settings?

the same engines, stack hglrc. 520mah battery.

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subiel   Mar 11, 2021 

thx dude! I will look for something on this esc firmawe. :) flying such a little quad is more interesting than I thought!

subiel   Mar 11, 2021 

Hi! can you tell me which dshot are you using? 96khz firmware actually extended the time in the air :)

FUNETIC FPV   Mar 11, 2021 

Awesome, good to hear :) yeah 96khz firmware extends flight time on micro quads by about 20%, it has less of an effect on larger quads, but for micros and whoops it makes a big difference. I'm on dshot600 i think, although the esc protocol won't really effect flight times. I've tried different props and by far the best ones for the smoothest and longest flights are the biblade HQ props, you'll get about a minute longer with these compared to the triblade props.

SebOPaolo   Feb 05, 2021  
Philuba   Sep 25, 2020  

how much voltage do you have left for those flight times?
thinking about ordering those motors.
how is their build quality?

FUNETIC FPV   Sep 25, 2020 

hey, i fly down to about 3.3v per cell. the motors are beautiful. i think its worth the extra money to buy these instead if cheaper alternatives.

Philuba   Sep 26, 2020 

thx for your reply!
I ordered them, I'm curious how this second Tadpole will compare to the first one with 1103 8000 kv motors

thesmogs   Aug 09, 2020  

Would love to get DVR too ! Very beautiful build, and looks efficient too !

SoleilFPV   Jul 07, 2020  

Beautiful build! Do you have DVR?

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