Orange TPU Whoop

By joshielevy on Dec 24, 2019

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They said you can't build a whoop with a TPU frame, but I had to try, and it worked! I modified a design from Thingverse and went through 3 iterations, but it flies. Not the spry-est quad in the world, turns out TPU is a bit heavy, but it is durable.

For the canopy, I took a betaFPV whoop canopy and made a resin cast of the inside, then used that to vacuum-form my own canopy out of yellow HDPE on a Mayku Formbox.

The rest is kinda standard whoop parts.

Here's one of the first flights:

And here's a testament to durability - I slammed into a tree:



Sign in to comment   Jan 20, 2020  

That TPU Frame is pretty sweet.

joshielevy   Jan 20, 2020 

Thanks! Sorry to say it looks better than it flies. Mainly because it's heavy, and I think that higher-g turns deform the frame more than a polypropylene (PP) frame would. I think PP makes the best whoop frames: they're durable and light.

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