By quad66 on Dec 25, 2019

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The Zip Tie Canopy Revolution is here! No really, zip ties and a little heat shrink build up into fantastic canopies. They're good enough that I've updated the 110mm frame, which is a perfect base for these canopies, to mount both 16 x 16 stacks and AIO whoop boards. The canopies build up with a nice finished look and great durability for the weight. The frame is available for both 3 hole mounts (for 1S and 2S 1102 builds) and 4/2 hole mount (for 2S 1103 builds).

1102 1S 1.5mm 3 hole frame

1102 2S 2 mm 3 hole frame

1103 2S 2mm frame

The build pictured is the 2mm frame, Crazybee F4 1-2s with integrated reciever, Runcam Nano3, Eachine nano vtx, HM 1102 9000kv, and Whocares props. Dry weight is 29 grams. I fly with a GNB 2S 300mah battery at 45 gm AUW. DVR is at the end of the video above, yes it absolutely rips. Note that the GEPRC 1102s are probably a better choice as the wires don't need to be extended, and seem to be a smoother more durable motor.

The canopy is super easy to build. It is cheap, durable, and highly customizable.



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le_vinsky   May 18, 2020  

Oh. My. God. You are a GENIUS!!! The ziptie-heatshrink combo canopy is BRILLIANT! Thank you so much!:)

Samw85   Feb 17, 2020  

thank you for this great build, which was a huge inspiration for my latest :)

Owel76   Dec 28, 2019  

frame looks really good how much does the 1.5 mm thick frame weigh wit and without the canopys

quad66   Dec 29, 2019 

1.5mm frame is around 2.7gm. The "regular" canopy came in at 1.4gm. I think a "lite" vetsiok of the canopy can come down to about 1gm.

StickyRice   Dec 26, 2019  

This is a work of art! Its simple yet sleek. I have subed to your channel my dude!! I look forward to your creations!!

quad66   Dec 28, 2019 


fovea   Dec 26, 2019  

nice zip-canopy, thanks for share

quad66   Dec 28, 2019 

your welcome, cheers.

MrSmoothFPV   Dec 25, 2019  

I'm always excited to see what you'll come up with next, I think this is my favorite so far. really cool designs, keep it up man!

quad66   Dec 28, 2019 

Thanks! Figuring out this canopy has been the most satisfying thing I've com up with. It's rare that to every find some thing that breaks the usual rule: cheap, light, durable; pick two.

outcastfpv   Dec 26, 2019  

Now that is Nice!! Very Interesting build

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