Sub 250g mid range HD 3" quad.

By Locng on Dec 26, 2019

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Second try on sub 250g mid range quad.
86g dry
179g with 2s 18650: crusing 5-7A, full throttle close to 30A..
233g with 3s 18650



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elmtree   Dec 27, 2019  

I'm building something similar to this right now, but with the hq4025s for efficiency and slightly larger motors. The goal is ~230g with a 3s 18650 pack. What kind of flight time have you got on the 3s pack? I'm curious how it flies like that.

Locng   Dec 28, 2019 

I'm quite happy with how it's flying on 2s so never try 3s on the field, just a hover test indoor, but the 3 cells is blocking too much air blow in that configuration, will try that later on dead cat version.
If you can get 230g with 4 inch 3 cells, then it's definetly much better, just a quite challenge unless you remove the HD cam and/or GPS.

elmtree   Dec 28, 2019 

The parts are all here besides the frame. What frame are you using? I don't plan on using GPS or HD which will make it easier. I'll also be using the 4025 HQ props which allow me to use tmount motors. The ones I'm using are 1206 4500kv.

Locng   Dec 29, 2019 

Thats is 20g Endless 124mm, the similiar weight AirBlade Intrepid Toothpick looks better but not availble at that time. What frame are you planning to use? Remember to report back when you done, eager to see how that combo work.

Junnicutt   Dec 28, 2019  

That seems like a high kv for 3s. Did you go that route to help offset running the voltage lower (guessing around 3v vs 3.5v for end voltage) with the 18650s? Also have you seen anyone using any cells smaller than this? I know I've seen smaller versions of 18650s but with the same chemistry. Unique buuld, great job.

Locng   Dec 29, 2019 

I see people running these motor at 3s before so I gues the real kv may be a bit off, the real benefit of 3s is easy for ESC & high power vtx selection, most required >6V input while 2s will go down to 5V (2.5V/cell). There are many smaller cell format (18500, 14500...) but you may not gain much benefit with low mah cell because of heavy aluminium cell, in the case you want higher voltage, may want to check low c lipo battery for goggle or rc car/boat.

OptimaZe   Dec 26, 2019  

Very cool build! So, how are you liking 18650's for flight packs? I've read some good things, but have yet to try them myself.

Locng   Dec 26, 2019 

It's best for long range crusing build without punch out or deep dive, flight time is 10 - 20 mins. Their low discharge current ask you to plan your build more carefully, they could go up to 30A at maximum but will seriuosly harm your flight time because of voltage sag & reduced capacity, best to keep under 10A. I use bi-blade & 3s 450 if I want some free style.

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