Power/weight ratio is the key! Runcam Hybrid 3"3S Komori. Freestyle/all-around great quad.

By Sokrat Gjermeni on Dec 26, 2019

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Hi guys,

I am more of a cinematic freestyle pilot so I like my quads to have long flight times, lots of power and agility.

This 3" quad weights 112 grams without a battery and 186 grams with a 3S 850mah Tattu.

Each motor with an Emax avan mini 3024 props gives approximately 370 grams of thrust at 12amp draw. The 4 motors together can push around 8.5 times the weight of the quad. Other configurations (with 3x4 props) might give more power but the flight times will reduce drastically.

It cruises at 18-20% throttle, and with this rate you can fly it for 10 min no problem doing random bursts every minute. Without the bursts it should fly 2 more minutes. Full throttle freestyle lasts 4 minutes (with instant stop and turn).

Runcam Hybrid on board for really nice HD videos and low latency fpv feed.
The Komori 3" frame is very stiff and there is absolutely no jello in the HD video.

R9MM to fly through trees and concrete without worrying too much, (or TB$ for you extra people :P).

I know the camera is not fully protected, but we are all superb pilots, aren't we?!

Below I will list the parts. Merry Christmas!



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Yinka_Brasil   Jan 16, 2020  

Beautiful, but must have been difficult to build with so little space! Not bad for 10 minutes on a 3S with the Emax 1306s. Not bad all! I too would love to see some flight footage.

Sokrat Gjermeni   Jan 16, 2020 

Thank you! Its not that difficult with the Zeus board. The only problem is that the camera doesn't have much room to move (angle).
The only way for videos is to upload them on youtube and put the links here. I havn't done this. I wish Rotorbuilds could allow videos to upload.

Yinka_Brasil   Jan 16, 2020 

Allowing video uploads to a site directly burdens their servers not to mention the extra hassel of having to ensure the content is within restrictions (no solicitations, etc). Anyway, hope you find a way....And happy flying dude!!!

Sokrat Gjermeni   Jan 16, 2020 

Thank you! Happy flying Yinka!

tenten8401   Jan 01, 2020  

Got any footage from it?

Sokrat Gjermeni   Jan 02, 2020 

I do, Im trying to upload one, seems like I can make it work.

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