Greenie - A Cheap Build...

By headmazta on Dec 27, 2019

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This is the ONLY hobby where we want to DESTROY our toys!!! No, not really but we want push our limits and then eventually destroy our toys hahahahaha!! Anyway, that's why I've come up with a build so it doesn't hurt a lot when you ruin it.

Cheapest decent motors, cheapest frame that ISN'T a clone, cheapest stack that can handle 6s POWER, What more could you ask for!!??? Of course, getting sponsored what the hell! But i'm not, so yeah.

Well, here it is. Greenie. Comes with protectors that SHOULD protect the frame somehow hence less broken arm, battery and GoPro lens replacements.

I've flown my Greennie a couple of times. It flies decently and most of all powerful! Here's a simple freestyle of mine. I used my marmotte build for cruising, Greenie for freestyle :)

PDB and FC was so easy to solder on, it only took me about an hour cutting and soldering the wires. The only problem I have right now with this build is that my AKK's SmartAudio doesn't work with this FC. I've also tried TX 1 but it doesn't work either. I've also put the free capacitor on, and added an LC Filter from the battery pad to the VTX to have the cleanest feed possible. Other than that, everything went very well. Thanks to the companies that provide inexpensive but quality solutions to this expensive hobby of ours.



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Air_Johnson   Jan 06, 2020  

Interesting,,, I use the diatone F405 stacks a LOT (All are the V2 at this point,) and smart Audio does not work for me on the AKK FX2 VTX either. it might just be that VTX with the diatone F4 FC

headmazta   Feb 27, 2020 

I've been using my AKK and installed it multiple times to many FCs in the past without a problem, except for this one. Well, it's an acceptable downside because of the price of the FC, IMHO.

newtrojan   Dec 28, 2019  

How much is the weight without go pro and battery

headmazta   Dec 30, 2019 

Sorry, i don't know

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