Sub 250g Mid range HD 5" quad.

By Locng on Dec 28, 2019

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kfncolo   Dec 29, 2019  

Nice build. I'm putting together something similar, light 5", almost identical motors, was going to try the 2S Li-ion batteries. What kind of flight times are you getting with your different batteries?

Locng   Dec 29, 2019 

It's freezing cold here so no maiden yet. what was your flight time?

kfncolo   Dec 29, 2019 

I'm waiting on parts from China, so I'm a bit behind you, might get here this week.
I'm trying to follow to some extent this person's design/ideas.
Some of the mods are over my head, but I have figured out changing the winding from Delta to Wye in the motors....LOL, we'll see if my build even gets off the ground.

Locng   Mar 02, 2020 

Yeah, that's guy is awesome. I coppied his idea too, but I want smooth footage and some distance. So I put a set tbs nano rx & vtx in and did some tests around, its faster and more effieciency than my 3". I don't have time to finish a full pack yet (1st test: 1.2mah consumed for 10mins, 2nd test: 1,8mah consumed for 16mins) so it should get 20+ mins for fulll pack and much more if doing long range cruising only. Too bad, I can not fit the dji air unit in without too much modification, so I'm using the caddx ratel in for now.

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