My First Build

By TW1NSCR3W FPV on Jan 09, 2020

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This is my first build. Half of these parts were given to me so I'm trying to piece together the rest.

  • 07/30/19: picked up eachine 2205 motors, racerstar esc's, naze32 f3 fc, lumineer 600mw vtx, and frsky receiver
  • 09/12/19: bought used flysky fs-i6 transmitter and some LED lights
  • 12/28/19: was givien transtec laser lite frame. motors were installed on frame
  • 12/30/19: picked up mamba f405 fc/esc stack + foxeer monster mini pro camera. fitted the camera for now
  • 12/31/19: fitted fc & esc to frame. waiting to get flysky receiver. need to order 3s batteries.
  • 01/01/20: ordered one 3s battery, charger, 5046 props, and flysky receiver
  • 01/02/20: picked up an extra flysky x6b receiver. soldered everything together, powered up, no signal from vtx and didnt bind to radio.
  • 01/03/20: morning-changed channel on vtx & now have video. found different way to bind & am now connected to radio. Tucked everything together.
  • 01/04/20: I stuffed the receiver under the stack and secured the antennas to zip ties. Re-did all straps & added battery straps as well. Secured the VTX a little more so it would wiggle in flight. Tuesday the 7th battery, charger, & props should be in.
  • 01/08/20: found out my receiver had a bad ppm port and luckily i had a spare to swap out. restacked and retucked everything back in, got a base setup in betaflight, and finally got it armed & flying. maiden flight soon to come.....
  • 01/11/20: took it for a test flight to see how it handled. adjusted endpoints on tx. setup angle/acro/turtle modes for AUX2. I turned down the pids (hopefully it'll help with the sensitivity). tomorrow is test and tune.

Switched out frame for Armattan Bangarang XL5. VTX to TBS unity pro32, & motors to Hypetrain 2207 2450kv.

  • 02/12/20: Added red & white LEDs to arms. Moved the receiver to the front. Relocated VTX to rear, switched from ufl-to-sma (it broke) to ufl dipole. Curled dipole wire and stuck through hole in top plate and secured with ziptie. Video signal seems noticeably clearer.



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