FPVCrater Racer

By DoubleJackOnTap on Apr 02, 2020

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Update 4/5/20: Hover test and FPV maiden flight went great. I flashed the FC with Betaflight 4.1.5 and turned on RPM filtering. I left the default PIDs and rates for the maiden. I was very impressed with how it flies. Propwash was almost non-existent. This is the best flying kwad on defaults that I have ever tried. Im exited to see what a little tuning can do for it. First flight was on a 850 mah 4S battery, so I wasnt able to push it too hard. The next flight was on a 1500mah and it absolutely rips. Very fast and very responsive.

Weight is 324 grams with lipo strap & without battery.
Weight is 420 grams with 4S 850 mAh Turnigy battery.
Weight is 503 grams with 4S 1500 mAh RDQ battery.

This build was constructed entirely from parts out of the FPVCrate subscription.   (except for the receiver). The canopy is very finicky to get lined up with the mounts for the camera, otherwise the build was relatively straight forward. My solder joints on the ESC are terrible, so please ignore those. The ESC that arrived this week from the March box did have some issues. ESC #3 wasnt flashed properly and it caused me fits, until I figured that out. The sun is supposed to show up later today or tomorrow, so I hope to maiden it then. I will post an update after the maiden flight.


Part List


Tmotor YEMA 5 (2 builds)

Flight Controller

T-Motor F7 Flight Controller (2 builds)


4 x FPVCrate (2 builds)


HQ R42 Racing Propeller (2CCW+2CW) (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Razer Micro 1200TVL 1.8mm FPV Camera (3 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Rush Tank 5.8GHz VTX w/ SmartAudio (55 builds)


TBS Triumph Pro 5.8GHz FPV Antenna RHCP (MMCX 90°)


FrSky XM+ SBUS 2.4GHz Mini ReceiverDefault Title (1368 builds)


FrSky Taranis Q X7 Int'l Version Digital Telemetry Radio System 2.4GHz ACCST (Black-no plugs) (2 builds)


Fat Shark Dominator HD3 Core FPV Goggles (66 builds)

HD Camera

(Renewed) GoPro Hero5 Session (12 builds)

Misc Parts

FPVCrate Hardware Pack

Video Receiver

Furious True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System Firmware 3.8A (FatShark Attitude Version)SKU: FPV-RX-TRUD3.8A (27 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT Q6 Pro BattGo 300W 14A Battery Balance Charger (38 builds)


Armattan 1.5mm hex drive (2 builds)


Armattan 2.0mm hex drive (2 builds)


Armattan 2.5mm hex drive (2 builds)


Lumenier AXII Diversity Antenna Bundle 5.8GHz (RHCP)

Misc Supplies

3DPOWER Universal ND Filter GoPro Session FPV Case and Mount TPU Parts (2 builds)
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dvmdoc   Apr 23, 2020  

Can you tell me where to put the FrSky R-XSR? Diagram has the RX Port (right side) with a GND/5V where in what UARTs go S.Port and SBUS out?

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dvmdoc   Apr 26, 2020 

This thing posts weird I mean R3 to R5 no double tap

DoubleJackOnTap   Apr 26, 2020 

Glad you got it working! Are you going to post the build?

dvmdoc   Apr 26, 2020 

Sure what do I have to lose only a little pride but everyone starts somewhere LOL!

ae_fpv   Apr 20, 2020  

I also built this quad with FPVcrate equipment, and I have only minor changes to your model. I agree that it has the best default PIDs. Clean build!

Jodie Froster   Apr 05, 2020  

So pretty!

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