Sloth SX - X Class Octo

By sloth on Feb 16, 2021

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Alright so I first did this mockup in early 2020, I'll leave the old frame renderings in there, but basically I took this quad to the X Class World Championship and won!
What you're seeing here now in the images is the 2021 version of my 2020 winning quad. The only difference I made has been really the frame. Trying to push it lighter and lighter.

Why Octo
Well I watched the Catalyst guys first put theirs together and tried to learn from them. No one else really runs this setup. There are good and bad points to it. First, she turns on a dime which is awesome, and second it much cheaper to build and repair. On the down side, it hits a speed barrier that will leave you behind on a big straight away for sure.

2021 Improvements
Basically I only changed the frame, reducing the number of bolts I needed to take apart to fix something, skinnier arms and my last upgrade will be connectors (My connectors melted off on my winning run). I would LOVE to find a lighter motor that can give me the same power, but everything seems heavier so I'm sticking with the iFlight combo for now. I think I blew 4 or 5 ESC's in 2020, none to smoke, they all died mysteriously.

For props, the HQ's turned out to be super brittle. These MAS ones fit the bill perfect but I'd like to try some more in 2021.

This quad now sits at 1438g + batteries.

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Part List

Flight Controller

Matek F722-PX w/Pixel OSD Flight Controller (5 builds)


8 x SucceX X80A 2-8S X-Class ESC Single


8 x XING X2814 FPV NextGen Motor (2 builds)


HQProp MQ 9x5x3 Macro Quad Prop (4 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Vista Digital HD System for DJI HD FPV (86 builds)


OCP 5.8 - TrueRC Canada


FrSky R9MM Long Range 915MHz RC Receiver - Get Yours Today! - RMRC (111 builds)

Power Distribution

Matek XCLASS FCHUB 30x30 PDB 12S : 5V & 12V Output
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MINGA   3 days ago  

Love this build. Will I be able to buy the frame or a manual to build it? Would like to build a cheap x class.

sloth   1 day ago 

Sorry this frame won't be available for sale.

butcher51   8 days ago  

I tried this esc-s too and constantly die one, switched to tekko 32 65A, and they works perfectly since a year with no issue. Great clean build btw!

sloth   8 days ago 

Yep I've killed 4 or 5 of them without any visible issues. I've never seen one go up in flames or anything, they just stop working. Very dissapointing.

jolars   8 days ago  

Thats awesome! And honestly, much less expensive than a lot of rigs I have seen in this class. Using more small motors really saves a lot of $$ apparently.

techguy1623   9 days ago  

Crazy coo!

Keeph   9 days ago  

grats on winning world championship!!!
your Iflight xing motors, what kv are they? I have 8- 2814-880kv motors and wanted to try a x class running 12s. I'm new to x class, dont really care to race I like the bigass foot print of x class drones and want one, lmao. your will definately be my muse in designing mine.
great build, ,i love it...

sloth   9 days ago 


I'm running the 880kv on 8s if love to jump to the 1100kv but i think id also need to jump to some bigger ESCs

KaiZenDon   13 days ago  

Congrats winning World Champ!
How are the motors wired? eight signal wires or one signal wire per each pair of motors?

sloth   12 days ago 

Thanks! So I've actually tried both. I was running a Talon F7 feeding two motors with 1 signal and I switched to the Matek with a custom mapping. I don't think I noticed much difference. Maybe unrelated, I stopped blowing ESC's. But in terms of performance it felt about the same.

KaiZenDon   12 days ago 

Good to know it can work both ways! it gives us layman a chance to build one too!
I'm really tempted to design a 2" version....not sure if it would look cool or cute hahaha

Kstone   12 days ago  

Can it fly "if" it loses a motor?

sloth   12 days ago 

Yep! When I first tried the HQ props I shattered 4 on punch out. Also I've had ESC's fail mid flight and no issues flying and landing safely.

kwadkenstine   14 days ago  

Cool , when the parts come , i too will be adding 4 extra motors to the big stick

sloth   14 days ago 


phaley51   14 days ago  

Dear Santa...

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