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By kwadkenstine on Jan 22, 2020

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Having been a square peg all my life , i have had to find BIG holes to fit in without my corners scraping the sides , FPV has been one of those holes but i fear the powers that be are filling it in on top of all of us.
Anyhow If you have seen my other builds , you may have noticed a couple of themes, I can not bring myself to EVA build as the designer intended and I love to fly Z config.
The former is a personality defect.
The latter is a result of many hours of testing , hundreds of hours building , thousands of hours Albert Einstining about the dynamics .
So why Z . Because it minimises props in fov. and with the dji air the video quality is good enough for my needs . I have always not liked the idea of strapping a exe camera to a 3 minute pineapple with a dodgy bannanna. Hoping I dont fruit salid before i land.
Also there are all sorts of theories about cleaner air to the rear props.
I do not know!!!!



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sergetania   Jan 25, 2020  

Yeah, we have been wondering about that too 😉👍 But it's probably better not to use words drone and grenade in one sentence nowadays

kwadkenstine   Jan 25, 2020 

OOps is that better

sergetania   Jan 25, 2020 

Hahaha! Now it sounds like some sort of a secret code! 😂🤣😂🤣

kwadkenstine   Feb 16, 2020 

Flight vid posted on yt

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