Baby Intrepid 4S

By acromode on Jan 03, 2020

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actually built this last winter and took it out a few times to the field everything works as it should and its a fun little quad, but i never used it that much cause any time i was out flying, i was in a space where i could have more fun with a 4-7"

fast forward a year and ive moved to a house with a small 100x100ish yard park across the street in front, now this little baby is in the lime light, super fun and low key for a quick rip in the park

i really enjoy the form factor, power is good carrying a 650 4s pack and i get about 4 mins of agressive flying or 6-7 of cruising

ori32 is probably overkill for the draw but 32bit paired with flightone is dreamy

fireaway with questions if you have them



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DrMacca   5 days ago  

Awesome build! 👍👍

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