2nd Armattan Tadpole 2.5" Ultralight Micro

By outcastfpv on Jan 05, 2020

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This is my second build of the Armattan Tadpole frame with pretty much the same components with the exception of using an r-xsr receiver and adding a 9x4mm micro buzzer. The buzzer dimensions listed on emaxmodel's website state a height of 5.5mm but the ones i received were 4.0mm height. I never took any pictures while building like in my previous build as theres not much of a difference. I just took some close ups to illustrate the room available for the camera connector and buzzer. Last pic is both builds together; First build on the left.

If you are interested in my First Armattan Tadpole Build log, please see here:


As previously while building i tested the motors and while spinning them up to test motor direction i found 2 of them to be excessively noisy, the other 2 sounded fine but did not sound the same as each other. Motor 2 (On ESC2) i find to sound like what i would expect from a new motor out of the packaging. I have ordered a total of 10x of these F1103, from the first batch of 5x from europe 1x was excessively noisy and oddly or infuriatingly 2x from the 2nd batch of 5 from T-Motor directly i found to be excessively noisy.

This time instead of snipping the runcam nano 2's connector, i left it attached and soldered a corresponding connector to the flight controller, which there was actually enough room to do which i didn't do in my first build.

Also even though its the same Mamba stack i ordered the ESC has different style solder points than the previous, the previous had a little notch to accommodate a thin wire but the later one i received has a very open arc.

Motor Test: (My first build can be seen here on the left with some HQ65mm props)


Part List


Tadpole (23 builds)

Flight Controller

MAMBA STACK F411 /134 Dshot600 4S NANO (17 builds)


4 x T-Motor F1103 FPV Motor, 2-3S, anthrazit (3 builds)


4 x T-motor Official store
See Site

FPV Camera

RunCam Nano 2 (109 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro32 Nano 5G8


Micro U.FL RHCP Antenna (3 builds)


FrSky R-XSR SBUS 2.4GHz Micro ReceiverDefault Title (874 builds)

Misc Parts

5 PCS Super Loud 5V Active Alarm Buzzer Beeper Tracker 9x5.5mm for RC Racing Drone FPV Quadcopter Helicopter DIY Part
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muchzill4   Jan 26, 2020  

Love the neatness. Thanks for giving me a blueprint to work against. :)

M490fpv   Jan 06, 2020  

Very clean! Thanks for sharing!

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