Taycan 6S HD

By M490fpv on Jan 05, 2020

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Wanted to build this frame as soon it came available, so i preordered it right when it was possible.
I got the frame without any accessory kit to fit the dji system, so i had to design it myself.
I designed the cam plates to attach the DJI camera, air unit mounts, adjustable SMA antenna mounts and 1,5mm thick soft mounts to motors.
Motor center holes in Taycan frame are only 1 mm deep, so most of the motors need a spacer, so motors spin freely.
All the parts are on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4081921

This frame is very easy to assemble and seems very rigid.
I'm already considering to try a different color schemes :D


Part List



Flight Controller

Aikon F7 Mini Flight Controller


Aikon AK32PIN 4in1 35A 6S (3 builds)


4 x BrotherHobby Avenger 1507 2800KV 3600KV 4100KV 3-4S Brushless Motor for RC FPV Racing Drone (12 builds)


GEMFAN Squirt Props 75mm (6 builds)

FPV Camera

Unité aérienne DJI FPV (188 builds)


Antennes RP-SMA pour unité aérienne DJI FPV (2pces) (5 builds)


TATTU R-Line 1050mAh 6s 95C Lipo Battery (50 builds)
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sedwo   Jun 18, 2020  

Hi there,
I just noticed that you mounted the DJI Air Unit above the ESC board. I would suspect that area gets really hot as both components emit quite a bit of heat and would worry about the constricted airflow in a cinewhoop design. Any issues?

Also why the motor spacers?

M490fpv   Jun 19, 2020 

air unit does not fit to other positions well. i haven't had any problems with heat.
motor spacers are because taycan frame don't have trough holes on motor shaft point, only 1mm deep cut. many motors won't fit without spacer.

TheLastAirbender   Feb 13, 2020  

Hello did you change any pins of ESC cables ? or you directly plug cable esc to fc thanks

M490fpv   Feb 14, 2020 

No I didn't have to remap the motors, if that is what you mean.
I turned the fc, so it had to be adjusted 270degrees in Betaflight configurator.

gatechuks   Jan 05, 2020  

Do you have a flight video yet? I'm looking for a new cinewhoop and this one looks to fit the bill. I just want to see how it performs first.

sal.mars44K.C.   Jan 05, 2020  

nice build, love the flat blk , i was going to ask do you still have to use the dji goggles with this setup ?

M490fpv   Jan 05, 2020 

Yes you need The DJI goggles to run this

sal.mars44K.C.   Jan 05, 2020 

i figured...i cant wait til all googles go digital, so us poor ppl can afford them.
thanks bud...!!!

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