Five33 Switchback

By JimmyProton on Jan 06, 2020

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My take on the 533 Switchback frame. Build came together quite nicely. Came out at 262 grams all up (or 243 grams on the lightweight version) including ummagrip and battery strap but less props (Seems to be the way people are reporting weights lately). Those Xing motors are heavy-ish at 35 grams each, so would be around 240 with light motors such as the x-novas. Not sure how I feel about the durability of a 28gram motor yet, but I'm going to build one up with them and compare performance vs durability. The printed parts weigh in around 8-9 grams. 2020 here we come!

1/13/2020 Update: Did the lightweight build and it came in at 243 grams less props. Flew both of them yesterday and can definitely tell them apart. The lighter one has noticably faster acceleration both linear and when carving turns, however, the heavier one feels a little smoother. I'm not sure how much of that is the difference in weight vs the performance between the two brand motors (Both 2207 1800kv). In any case, we beat the frame up pretty good and didn't find any major deficiencies in it.



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Sugalime3D FPV   Jun 08, 2024  

Really nice build !

Bikke Vliegen FPV   May 14, 2021  

Seems like there is room for a hybrid vtx/rx 20*20 plate. Thx for the pics!

baggszilla   May 28, 2021 

Im starting my SBP today and im going with the Ghost Hybrid also!

Bikke Vliegen FPV   May 12, 2021  

Does it fly much slower on 4s with adjusted kv for 4s?

Bikke Vliegen FPV   May 12, 2021  
JimmyProton   Oct 20, 2020  

Hey there. I am lacking the time / motivation to rework these for FDM as I promised, Soooo I just posted everything to thingiverse for anyone that wants to try and use them however they see fit. Good luck and enjoy!

devve2kcc   Aug 27, 2020  


JimmyProton   Aug 28, 2020 

Weights of various configurations are in the photos and text already, so I'm not really sure what you are asking.

devve2kcc   Aug 28, 2020 

sorry , I have not seen hahahah

GremlinFpv   Feb 21, 2020  

Could you share the 3d print files?

JimmyProton   Feb 21, 2020 

I've had alot of requests for these files, but unless you have access to a mid to high end SLA printer they will not work for you. I tried printing them on my Prussa filament printer and they are just too detailed and thin in some areas to work well. I'm working on a simplified version of them that will retain most of the design intent but will be able to print FDM. Should have them done in a week or two. I'll post here when I put them up on Thingiverse. Cheers!

Etalus   Mar 30, 2020 

What kind of SLA printer do you use and are the printed parts durable like TPU?

JimmyProton   Apr 13, 2020 

I have a FormLabs Form3 printer. Parts are not like TPU. The material that I used is more like polypropylene. It is substantially more rigid than TPU but still has excellent impact properties.

holmFPV   Feb 08, 2020  

Looks nice! Could you share the 3d print files? Genius way to mount the vtx for airflow

SoleilFPV   Jan 07, 2020  

I really wanna see this fly!

smitty   Jan 06, 2020  

+3 grams of sombrero

JimmyProton   Jan 06, 2020 

Sombrero "Flip Stick Hat" (Thats right, you heard it here first) is worth its weight in gold. Keeps your quad cool and stylish.

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