By wiigelec on Feb 08, 2020

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5" racer below 250g AUW to be exempt from upcoming FAA RID rules


Pretty touchy on the throttle for basement hovering and unfortunately weather wise won’t be outdoor flying for a couple more months. Also have some Luminier 5x4.5 bi-blades on the way...

Design Specs

Purpose: FAA exempt race/freestyle
Prop: 5”
Frame: 50g max
Battery: 4s 100g max
Motors: 60g max 15g/motor
AUW: 250g
T/W class: 12x
Total thrust: 3000g
Max power: 1360 W
Max motor thrust: 750g
75% power: 1020 W
Battery amps: 69
Esc amps: 17



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sal.mars44K.C.   Feb 09, 2020  

nice build kinda like the rat quad i am making from spare parts, i was going to ask whats the faa rule that you are speaking of?
I also want to let you know about the new site quad exchange.com its about to be ligit so thats going to be a awesome source to use. i think it might be called fpvexchange.com , one or the other.

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sal.mars44K.C.   Feb 22, 2020 

ah, march 1st i assume, i am very excited as well. I wonder if it will have builds as well?

sal.mars44K.C.   Mar 15, 2020 

hey man, have you found or heard anything about the exchange site?

Cleaner   Mar 16, 2020 

Nope, nothing at all. Seems like my exchange site will just keep on living without competition.

StuntMonkeh   Feb 26, 2020  

Do you have a thingiverse link for that pod?

wiigelec   Feb 26, 2020 

yeah sure! give me a bit i'll see if i can find it if not i have the stl...

StuntMonkeh   Feb 27, 2020 

Perfect! Thank you.

NautilusFPV   Feb 09, 2020  

I am curious as to what your flight time is looking like on this? Seems like it would be awesome for racing...

wiigelec   Feb 10, 2020 

thanks for the comment! unfortunately winter around here lasts a lot longer than most places so won't be able to do any serious outdoor flying for a few weeks yet...

Tyrdle   Feb 09, 2020  

i recommend trying TMotor 5143 props on this. There are also the ethix s3 which are quite light.

wiigelec   Feb 09, 2020 

thanks for the comment! i have some s3s have to check out the tmotors...

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