2inch 2s 3s 1102 9000kv 28g

By matthew saigon on Jan 07, 2020

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1/10/20: i know the title says 3s, but i'm happy with 2s. i did try 3s and it's too crazy for my yard. when you try 3s with this build and you'll see what i mean.
1/10/20: weather is 30 degree which is not too cold but batteries don't like it, so the flight time is short. but i'll show the video anyway.
i like hq2020x4 cut down to 2 blades. they can turn faster than gf65mm cut down to 2inch. the thrust is about the same.
remember, when you cut down gf65mm props, they become bullnose props. meaning they're a bit harder to turn.

1/8/20: i just got hq T2x2x4 props today. i cut them down to 2 blades. and it works out great. if the weather is nice enough i will record a video.
i got frustrated with people keeping telling me, 2inch 4 blades or fat 3 blades are great.
if they're so great, why props companies don't make them or people using them for 2.5in or 3in or 4in or 5in. well, that's because they're not great.
i don't know why props companies keep making bad 2inch props. so frustrated :(

nothing special.
i just want to show how gemfan 65mm props cut down to 2in, would fly.
i just put out ideas and hope someone would pick it up and make it better.
i like this setup more with 65mm props ( no cut ). but if you have to have 2in toothpick......

frame: 2in picklepic by Alexandre Arvinte
flight controller: crazybee f4 2.1 with built in frsky ( i'm actuallly using crazybee 2.0 )
props: gemfan 65mm props cut down to 2in.
motors: Geprc 1102 9000kv
cam/vtx: mobula7 aio cam/vtx ( but it's better with runcam nano 3 and tbs nano pro32 or Eachine nano which have 5v out for convenient )
batteries; 2S 3S GnB 300mah

it's easy to cut down 65mm props.
just drill a small hole on a flat surface. stick a short toothpick in, put props on it. use foam tape and stick a nail clipper down at a distance you want. and start cutting props. be careful and consistence to cut props evenly. cut about 4mm/5mm at a time. you could cut it down to 40mm to use with 0802 motors.

and use the canopy i show in the picture and link. it would protect the camera better. it's winter and i'm being lazy to use it.
to print canopy on thingiverse is very cheap with print-a-thing service. $10 setup fee + 52 cents/each. just print like 10 of them and mess with it.

i choose gemfan 65mm props, because they're the lightest and more durable than kingkong 65mm props.
3s is faster and more efficient.
you could use foam tape to cover the board up and makes it look nicer. i'm just being lazy.

i don't know how to tune quad but i leave my pid here anyway.
2s pid is about default betaflight 4.1.1
3s pid is about P around 30 and min D about 14 with throttle clipped ( not scale ) to 70%

remember, it's cold so flight time is shorter.


Part List


PicklePick : 2inch, 65mm & 3 inch toothpick quadcopter frames by ledroneclub (6 builds)
See Site

Flight Controller

Happymodel Crazybee F4 PRO V2.1 2-3S Flight Controller 5A ESC & Compatible DSM2 Frsky Flysky RX for Sailfly-X RC Drone (4 builds)


4 x GEPRC GR1102 9000/10000/14000KV Motor For Toothpick Whoop GEPRC CineEye RC Drone Emax Tinyhawk


24pcs Gemfan 65mm 1.5mm Hole 2-Blades 2.5inch Propeller PC CW CCW for RC Drone FPV Racing Models for 1102-1105 Brushless Motor (3 builds)


US $2.02 |8Pairs 16PCS GEMFAN 65MM 2 blade 1.5mm/1.0mm Shaft FPV Propeller for 0802 1105 Brushless Motor RC Drone FPV Racing Cin
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FPV Camera

RunCam Nano 3 - FPV Camera (4 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO32 NANO 5G8 (99 builds)


US $2.0 20% OFF|Micro 65mm 5.8G 2dBi U.FL IPEX IPX Omni Directional Brass FPV transmitter Antenna RG178 for indoor RC FPV Racin
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GAONENG 300mAh HV LiPo Battery 3S 80C/160C 11.4V XT30 Connector for Betafpv 75x HD Toothpick Class Quads FPV Racing Drone 2PCS (2 builds)


GNB 300mAh 2S 7.6V HV EMAX Tinyhawk S Pack (2 PCS.) (2 builds)


3M Scotch 897 Filament Tape, 170 lbs/in Tensile Strength, 55m Length x 24mm Width, Clear

Misc Parts

Camera Mount - 16mm/28 degree by gmurphy on Shapeways (5 builds)

Misc Parts

whoop canopy 14x14mm use foam tape to stick on fc by matthew04101 (2 builds)
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