JunkYard True-X 2.5" (2s)

By tlamb1234 on Jan 08, 2020

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Lightweight 2s Freestyle quad.
Top-mounted Lipo for that true freestyle feeling.
Dry weight: 60.1g
AUW (350Mah): 87g
AUW (450Mah): 90.4g
FPV footage: Coming soon!

*I designed this frame myself, and after months of R&D, I've decided to market it. It's called the "JunkYard" because you can put just about anything on it. Click link to frame to learn more.



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Yinka_Brasil   May 31, 2020  

If only the frame were deadcat layout. Would be perfect🙁....I hate the props in view of the cam feed.

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tlamb1234   Jun 04, 2020 

Deadcat bottom plate is now available!

This design is a prototype but, based on the successful stretch frame.
The top plate (https://armattanproductions.com/pages/product_details/23693) is universal to this JunkYard series.

I have ordered this frame myself to begin demo's, I would welcome any input or comments!!!

Yinka_Brasil   30 days ago 

Thanks! suggestions: there should be a 3mm bottom plate option; also, not sure if I missed it, but there's no weight in your description (dry weight of the assembled frame).

tlamb1234   29 days ago 

I I can create a version with a 3 mm bottom plate and also 2 mm top.  I used those sizes when I was prototyping these frames, but in the early stages I was struggling with the power to weight ratio. When I trimmed them down to the current sizes, I hit the target AUW.  I really beat these things up on a regular basis and so far I haven't broken any frames. The reason I didn't put dry weight of the assembled frame It's because there are a lot of different configurations that can be used (with or without the camera mounts, or ignoring the top plate if you choose to use 3-in props). I have all the individual weights of The frame pieces separately. were you looking for those weights here on rotor builds or on the frame order website?

sharkbyte   Jan 15, 2020  

Like your build!
what KV did you go with? 10.000kv?

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tlamb1234   Jan 15, 2020 

When I refer to the "Micro" or "Micro-brushless" class, I'm broadly referring to quadcopters that wouldn't annoy people if you took it to your local park for a fly while there are kids on the playground, heheh. To me it's an evolution of the "Toothpick" class. I loved the Toothpick (hail Kabab), but I wanted something with more "heft" to give the 5" freestyle/racing feeling.

sharkbyte   Jan 15, 2020 

Thanks. Bob did not invent the toothpick.

tlamb1234   Jan 15, 2020 

I dont believe he did, but I do believe he perfected it (just my opinion though).

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