Basher Battle Axe

By Pairadime on Jan 13, 2020

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This is my ever evolving first complete build.  From choosing the frame, based on how durable it looked.  To Adding LED's that flash if the GPS is ready or not.

I started playing with Drones in August 2019.  My first real FPV drone was a used Falcon 210.  I fought with that model for a month, finally getting it to fly and then crashing and breaking an arm after a very short flight. During my repair process I basically changed everything motors, flight controller and ESC's.  After the crash that destroyed the Falcon Frame, my Battle Axe came into the picture.  I swapped all the parts into the iflight Battle Axe frame and have been constantly upgrading since I got it.  I recently upgraded the motors from  cheap DYS Sunfun 2207's to cost effective  Hyperlite 2204's.  

The quad is lighter with the Hyperlite's so performance hasn't changed, what has changed is the smoothness that the nicer bearings bring to the picture.

The biggest issue I kept having over the past few
months have been VTX's on all my quads, one by one they all seem to fail.  The first VTX tried with the BattleAxe was the Eachine Nano  but after a few crashes it would not work properly.  I then upgraded to a TBS Unify Pro 32 HV and Crossfire and now after months of crashes, I am finally starting to enjoy flying my heavy little carbon fiber bird.  But even with those upgrades I was still getting seemingly random ESC failures, so out with the Speedix ES 30A's. Now rocking Hakrc 32 Bit 35A ESC's.  Weird thing after doing that now I'm getting jello in my footage.  Ah the joys of flying drones lol.

Edit: January 15, 2020
Added a proper GPS TPU mount and 5.5 inch HQ props.  The extra 1/2 inch really makes a big difference visually.  Can't wait to take it out flying.



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