Armattan Chameleon

By adroc on Jan 23, 2017

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Just ordered the chameleon and OOmph motors today. Will update with more pics once all parts arrive and I start building it.

Just arrived in the mail today and man is this thing nice. Was able to assemble the frame and add the motors but still waiting on the FC to arrive from China.

All done and can't wait for the weather to clear up so I can fly her.



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zoomie517   Jan 25, 2017  

Sweet! My Chameleon shipped the other day. Cant wait to receive it!

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zoomie517   Jan 26, 2017 

Betaflight F3 AIO, Aikon sefm 30A, Steele's Silks 2205 2345kv, unify Pro HV, Swift RR edition, and SpeK rec.

I'll do a post as soon as I
Receive the frame

adroc   Jun 23, 2017 

Did you ever build your Chameleon?

zoomie517   Jun 23, 2017 

Sure didn and flying the crap out of it. It's my freeststylenquad now as I'm running a Tokio x and tokio XS for the fast stuff. Sold or selling everything else n

G4Z   Mar 27, 2017  

Looks great!! How does it fly?

Got mine ordered and on the way- ordered the oopmh 2205's and the Armattam esc's too- can't wait to build this one!

adroc   Mar 27, 2017 

It flies great. Those oompmh motors have crazy punch, much more than the Emax RS2205S 2300KV Racing Edition's I have on my x210 build. You are going to have a blast with it.

GrahamCassidy   Feb 25, 2017  

i'm attempting a similar sort of build! BUT i'm a real newb. i have a question regarding connecting esc to my fc if you can help?
i've gone for dji snail propulsion with a streakf4 FC from
I'm struggling to decide what to do with my signal cable. do i just tie off the ground and solder the white signal cable direct to my FC? it looks that way with this board but i'm just a little unsure because the esc signal cable has the connector on the end

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adroc   Feb 25, 2017 

That is the intended forward for the FC but if it makes the layout easier for you, you can position it any way you want and just set the forward position in betaflight.

No the back right motor is #1. Here is a diagram showing their positions and rotation.

GrahamCassidy   Feb 25, 2017 

aw man! thank you so much! there are a million youtube guides and step by step how-to videos, but to actually ask someone has been the most help i've had!

adroc   Feb 25, 2017 

No problem. Good luck and happy flying!!

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