RotoriousFPV LB97 2s 1102

By matthew saigon on Jan 13, 2020

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i highly recommend toothpick style builds over this. this is just for fun.

1/24/20: great news. Alexandre Arvinte just made a frame and camera mount for this setup. i really want to give it a try. no one has that frame yet, so try it at your own risk. or just wait for me to try it first :)

1/20/20: i cut down the standoffs again. now they're 9mm from 11mm. i could cut them down some more, but i would need a custom frame for it which i don't know when i can have one.
+++ still trying to find props for 1102. you might wonder why not just change to 1103 and have more options for props. well i just want to work with 1102 for now. and i will try 1103 later. and i don't want to move to 1105 or bigger motors. this is just meant to backyard.

1/19/20: i cut down the standoffs. now they're 11mm from 15mm. i feel it's very crucial for this tiny top-mount build. the shorter the arms the lower the batteries need to be. it's just my opinion. i don't believe i've seen such low profile like this for 2inch quad. but if you have see it, please let me know, so i can learn and improve my build.
+++ there is no need for me to keep the bind and boot buttons so i took those buttons off. i can use " BL " cli and " bind_rx " cli commands. bl 4.1
+++ hehehe i put those commands here so i don't have to remember. because i keep forget them.

i foam taped everything down :) there is no mount for whoop boards.

don't expect it to be fast. it's just a backyard flier. if you fly in a park, big space, i think 2.5" or 3" quads are better.

41g dry ( 3g heavier than happymodel SailFly, i think )
frame: Rotorious FPV LB97 ( very light 8g, i think 8g is good enough for top mount 1102/1103 )
motors: Geprc 1102 9000kv ( it's the lowest kv they have. i would go for 8000kv )
esc/fc: CrazyBee v2 ( anything is fine really. 5A should be enough )
props: hq2x2x4 ( chopped down to 2 blades ), i'm still trying to find props.
cam/vtx, mount: RunCam nano3, tbs pro32, custom mount ( total cam + vtx + mount = 3g )
camer mount is designed by Alexandre Arvinte,
batteries: 2s 450mah (27 grams )

it's not a good day for dvr.
i'm using default betaflight 4.1 still have some propwash but i just want to fly and not care.



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