1 Mile Challenge Contender v2.0

By SoleburnerFPV on Jan 14, 2020

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Attempt number 2 at a one mile speed focused quad :)
changed to individual escs mounted vertically to get less wind resistance. with a little bit of electrical tape the arms+escs make a very aerodynamic shape so I think it will be very smooth through the air.
Same canopy as before but with a pdb instead of the 4in1. unfortunately with the escs I have there will be no current sensing.... but im more worried about voltage in this flight.
I ordered some 5s 1300 pacls that I will run in parallel to get a high capacity without risking the 6s high voltage and if things go well I might give 6s another go, I just want to have atleast one solid flight before it goes up in flames again like the first setup. :)
Will update when I get a crack at a few different props to see which ones are the fastest.
UPDATE: Took it out with 5s 1300 packs and topped out at 105 (99mph) wide open with the 5152-2 but wasn't killing the pack so with 2 in parallel I think I might be able to keep it pedal to the metal for most of the run (DVR coming soon).
I dont have the confidence yet to run it on 6s....so that will have to wait, I will be trying out the HQ 5x5x2 to see if they are quicker but otherwise it will be a few more test and then go time!



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Atomic   Jan 30, 2020  

did you get to one mile on thisone??

SoleburnerFPV   Mar 15, 2020 

nope, kept having hit fall out of the sky in test runs, so never got the distance :(

calenewman98@gmail.com   Jan 27, 2020  

FREAKEN YES!!! I cant wait to see the DVR!!! i really want to build one of these!

Jodie Froster   Jan 16, 2020  

smooth out the canopy? I'd do it for you, just slide me the STL.

SoleburnerFPV   Jan 16, 2020 

If you really feel like going all out, a real sma mount at maybe 45° sticking out the back would be legendary!!!

calenewman98@gmail.com   Jan 16, 2020  

Freaken legendary build!! Im excited for an update!! It would be pretty awesome if you could record the DVR.

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