Species Multirotor Critter

By Billster on Jan 19, 2020

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All new 20x20 version of the BugX.



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00jferna   Jan 21, 2020  

how's the FPV feed? i have the same FC and VTX and I've noticed some diagonal lines.

Billster   Jan 21, 2020 

First 3 I soldered up all had this issue pretty bad, so I lowered my temperature to 750F and kept soldering time as short as possible and it fixed that. I do notice some dark horizontal lines but I can only see them pointing at the sky. Not sure if that's because of the camera or not but I have seen this minor issue before. I still haven't taken apart the other 3 to see if the vtx or the fc is the problem. I might make a seperate mount for the vtx on the canopy and see if I notice anything different. But during flight ity goes away and doesn't cause hindrance.

Jodie Froster   Jan 20, 2020  

So many good choices got made as you designed this and assembled it.
I'm especially inpressed with the usb port extension. How is that holding up? how do you access it, and how do you keep it from shorting to stuff in the canopy?
I love the canopy on this thing, the lil flappy lizard ear lookin cam mount, the smooth shape with all the antenna mounts in one, plus a flip stick!
I am suprised you went with the ufl/sma extension with the flange and 2 screw holes, does that help you somehow?
20x20, 6s, low drag, t-motor... she must be a dang time machine warpin thru the air!

Billster   Jan 20, 2020 

Thanks! Not sure what you are talking about with the USB port extension? For this canopy there is no USB port, you have to remove it. Generally I never really need to access it so I just cover it entirely. I have a "tuner" canopy with USB port access but don't really use it since I just copy CLI settings at the start of the build. The sma with the hole mounts is what I just have lying around, I've grinded them off before but I have actually found it's a nice place to grab when screwing on the antenna. And yes, definitely my fastest quad to date.

Jodie Froster   Jan 21, 2020 

My mistake. I thought your vTx plug was your usb port (that I wrongly assumed you had desoldered from your FC, and re-soldered on the end of a smol wire extension...). I was just confused. I see that it's just a white plastic piece, and not the metal usb port. It's a very bright image, I struggle to see the white plastic parts hanging in front of the white backdrop :(

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