Fat Brat

By Yourinnate on Jan 23, 2020

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Finally put together the acrobrat.



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aksthakor   14 days ago  

Awesome build, i have one question do you ever face hot motor issue with this 1606 4000kv emax motors, I am facing hot motor issue by just hover test not sure, tried almost everything still not luck, appreciate ypur response

MakeitHappen   Feb 26, 2020  

Very nice looking. Someone just provided feedback on how this frame may be better on 16xx motors. And bam...I found yours right after. A few questions...
What is the total weight without batteries?
Which batteries and props are you running?
What is the flight times you are getting?
Thanks, looking to build one soon, and want to pick the best components for best flight time on freestyle.

Yourinnate   Mar 01, 2020 

I'm 223 grams pre battery. Mostly use the RDQ 650 mAh, have been getting between 2 and 3 minutes flight time but I think that's mostly because of my props. I've been usin Avan 3060's. If you stuck to the gemfan 3028's you'll probably get closer to 3-4 minute flight time instead.

Also, these 1606's are nasty. My thrust to weight ratio is stupid. I flick the stick 60-70% and I'm 150 feet in the air. I could shove a 1000mah battery on the top of this and be flying no problems. In fact, I have a 1500mah that I use for my goggles. Maybe I should go try that...

1Smug_Bastard   Jan 26, 2020  

wheres the rest of the pics showing the completed build?

Yourinnate   Jan 26, 2020 

In the description I wrote "Just a mockup to run weight numbers." Sorry if that was confusing, but I'm just writing out a build that I'm planning on purchasing and assembling. If I decide to build it, I will post pictures.

FrostedFPV   Jan 29, 2020 

Than why post it as a build and not a mockup?

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