Acrobrat vista

By Waffles on Jan 25, 2020

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Updated acrobrat to caddx vista.. running gnb 850 4s and 6s xt60's.. crossfire nano with immortal V setup.

Update (02/27/2020), Too heavy with xt60 and 850mah 4s/6s, switched to xt30 650mah 4s (-47.8 grams/15%)

update.. 05/24/2020, swapped esc to aikon and flight controller to matek f722 mini.



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Geo502   25 days ago  

i threw the vista in Tommy's orginal frame and all seems well. currently running 1408 motors, it feels sluggish and a bit heavy so its not very agile. Its good for cinematic and exploring but i want it to fly more like my 5inch. Do you think that the 1500 series motors would help this much? what props have you found best for your build?

Waffles   23 days ago 

I have tried HQ 2.9 x 2.9 x 4 and the gemfan 3052, I think the gemfans have more thrust but running 6s makes a big difference. Not sure if there are 1408 motors that run 6s but the 1507 flat rats or tmotors at 2700kv are legit with a 650mah 6s.

aero528   Mar 04, 2020  

Hows it fly? I just built a duo with the t motor 1507s, and am having trouble tuning it. Did you have to tune it much?

Waffles   Mar 04, 2020 

I like the way it flies now that it's lighter and slightly slower rates (started 1.9). Really wanted to get under 250 grams, but that's only happening if I use a 450mah 4s.. I attached my rates and tune in the pictures.

Edit: Thought I was getting short flight times, but my voltage scale was off...

aero528   Mar 04, 2020 

Thanks, thats super helpful! My build will get me to ~245g with an 850 4S, which seems the sweet spot. Having some voltage sag on the 1500 4s I ran, but I think it was just too heavy/old battery.

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