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By Samiel2d on Feb 03, 2020

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found this frame on another build on here. first built it with the mamba mk2 mini (frame takes 20x20, 16x16 and whoop boards.) after taking off the 8pin connector (had the camera pinned at about 65 degrees or more which is way too much for my liking.) after seeing the new 20a whoop board i bit the bullet so to speak, and bought 1. auw with a 300mah 3s is right at 100g. 119g auw with a 3s 650mah. i expect flight times well in excess of 3 minutes as it hovers at about 10% throttle woth the new hq 3x2.5x3 props. i expect similar performance out of the gemfan 3016x3 or better. Will be posting results once i get a day of no rain.


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This guide will walk you through the process of building your first FPV quad. The goal with this design was to build a low-cost, lightweight quad, yet powerful enough to safely carry a GoPro in close proximity areas. I chose these parts to minimize the amount of soldering at no cost to the quality. A typical build requires around 30 solders while this only needs 25. It's not a huge difference, but..

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