By JimmyProton on Jan 31, 2020

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Arguably the sexiest FPV racing frame (Albeit also the most impractical) made to date. I actually have had this frame for a while and was just waiting for the right components to show up to actually buid it out. When the 533 motors came out (basically xnova lite 1950kv motors) I wanted to compare them to the 1800kv xnovas that I'm running on my racing quads this year, sooooo, done and done. It’s REALLY a nice piece of manufacturing. $150. And as far as I’m concerned I have no clue how they are making any money on it. Gorgeous CF layup and all kinds of billet CNC machined parts. If I made this thing I’d charge $750 for it(I'm a machinist and also do composite layup on full scale aircraft) and still probably lose money. The build came in at 281 grams less props and 297 grams full up everything. The frame is incredibly rigid and I swear you can feel that in the flight characteristics but again, totally impractical for racing. What? Break an arm and toss the whole thing? Or is it indestructible? Not likely. But it sure is Purdy. Cheers!



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SoleilFPV   Mar 12, 2020  

Jim, I want one. After seeing you fly this I've been on a mission to find out if I can build something that will tow my GoPro at speeds like that. That's going to be a future project for me. This is an incredible build. Fantastic job.

Aurora130   Jan 31, 2020  

So it's just a dash ornament for your airplane??
JK, love the build and the frame! Awesome work!

By the way, what sort of tape did you use for the motor wires and LED boards. It looks like clear packing tape but I can't be sure.

JimmyProton   Jan 31, 2020 

Thanks. Not packing tape. It's called "Dance floor tape". I used to use that self fusing clear silicone tape, but never really loved it. I was heavy and when a prop hit it, it spread open like a flesh wound, so I started looking for something better for this years builds. That dance floor tape is perfect. Light, stretchy, and tough. Love it. Kinda like electrical tape, but they dont make clear electrical tape... Get some. Its groovey man...

JimmyProton   Jan 31, 2020 

Oh, and as for the cover photo, I was sitting there letting the engine warm up this AM and the quad was in the back seat. Bored, so had the Idea to snap the photo...

miromir237   Jan 31, 2020  

The motors look really nice.

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