Betafpv 95x Turtle

By Ikuiku on Feb 13, 2020

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Converted one of my 2.5" HD quads that I didn't fly any more. I am super happy that I did, I feel like I can fly though anything with these bumpers :) I am getting about 3-4 min of cruising with a GNB 2s 520 and 3s 520. 6000kv might be on the high side for my type of flying. I'll try some 1105 5000kv motors in the future.



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26 days ago

Until recently GoPros were delegated to larger quads. A typical GoPro weighs around 125g and we've only recently begun to mount them on 3" cinewhoops. Even that is a stress on the motors. Now we've got the "GoPro Lite". Remove the battery, displays and casing and you're left with a small, lightweight board and sensor. Wrap it in protective TPU casing and you've got a 30g micro GoPro. The Hero6 is..

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May 05, 2020

This guide will walk you through the process of building your first FPV quad. The goal with this design was to build a low-cost, lightweight quad, yet powerful enough to safely carry a GoPro in close proximity areas. I chose these parts to minimize the amount of soldering at no cost to the quality. A typical build requires around 30 solders while this only needs 25. It's not a huge difference, but..

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