Black Mamba 3" HD (Caddx Vista)

By baze_fpv on Feb 14, 2020

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I liked how my previous 3" HD build turned out, but I felt that it needed a bit more power for carrying that heavy DJI Air Unit.
So I decided to build another 3" HD with 1408 motors and Caddx Vista (which is 20g lighter that DJI Air Unit).

This build turned out to be real rocket with those HQ props :+1: .



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JTR1   Mar 09, 2020  

Nice build. What is the weight?  

baze_fpv   Mar 09, 2020 

AUW is 246g (with 650mAh 4S battery).

yes_butwhy   22 days ago 

With that battery what kind of flight time do you get? Trying to decide between the emax rx1408 and these mamba motors

jhendrix   Aug 05, 2020  

Are the props in view?

Twitchfpv   Mar 15, 2020  

where did u get the (white) antenna mount for the vtx antenna

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Twitchfpv   Mar 15, 2020 

awesome thank u

what is the ring design for?

baze_fpv   Mar 15, 2020 

Ring goes around the cameras lens to give it some more protections in crashes. Print with TPU.

Twitchfpv   Mar 15, 2020 

thank you so much I have been looking for a frame for a long time for this exact build so your post has helped me a lot

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