Beta95X Caddx Tarsier 4K w/ Crossfire

By wrong17 on Feb 14, 2020

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I had a 2.5 GnarlyFPV Primo frame that I crashed and broke but never repaired, so I think this would be a great opportunity to try out a new frame that my friend recommended, Beta95X. I did not want to pay over $300 for a BNF quad when I have most of the parts need to build one. It looks like the Beta95X is designed for the Caddx Vista, so I do not think I could not even get a 4K version even if I wanted it.

Other than making the mistake of soldering the motor wires on the wrong side of the AIO FC, everything went smooth. The only thing I need to do was extend the VTX wires because it sat on top of the Caddx Tarsier, which is inside of the canopy. Whereas the Primo it was directly on top of the FC.

The only thing I kept from the Primo is the GepRC 12a AIO FC ESC, TBS Pro32 Nano VTX, and TBS Crossfire Nano. I swapped out the Runcam Racer 2 camera for the Caddx Tarsier 4K and the Hyperlite 1103 8022kv motors for Hyperlite 1106 5122kv. To be honest, the 1106 motors is not really what I wanted to use but that is the only thing I had on hand. The reason why I am worried about these motors is that it might be an amp hog.

As for the Beta95X frame, I like how they had the carbon fiber brace because it seems to stiffen everything up. I think the 2.5mm brace with the guard is a bit excessive, so something a little thinner to shave off some weight would be great. There are 3 main negatives about this frame, but it is not a deal breaker for me:

It is a pain to work on the FC after it is built. If I need to access the bottom, I need to remove all the motors to get to it. I soldered all the motor wires to the bottom of the FC so when I switched to different motors, I had to tear apart the whole quad. It might be a different story if used the plugs for the motors, but I did not go that route.

The cuts on the carbon fiber is not very clean and some edges splitters. So, I just used a file to clean it up.
The final problem is the plastic props guards, it seems to have a weak point at the strut where it meets the carbon fiber motors mount. Both my friend and I broken the guard at the same spot. I do have to admit that I did a few hard crashes before they broke. I am only pointing out that it is weak, but I am not saying it is a flaw.

Even with those issues I encountered, I would still buy this frame in a heartbeat. In fact, I already bought a second one as a backup. There is one more issue that is worth mentioning, the tapered motor mount holes. Unless you have a flathead 2mm screws, the stander cap screw will sink deeper into the frame because of the counter sunk hole on the frame. So, now it may extend your screw too far in the motor and touch the winding. You either add a washer to the motor screw or flip the carbon fiber brace upside down. If you flip it upside down, you must remember that you need to counter sink the 4 screw holes that go into the plastic prop guards.

After my maiden flight with a GNB 2s 450mah Lipo, I was right about the motors being amp hogs. Other than that, it was great, responsive and quick for being a 2s. When I used a 4s lipo it was a monster! I am going to try some 1204 5000kv motors and I hope it will tame it down a little. I am debating if I should try the Xing 1204 4500kv instead of the BetaFPV 1204 5000kv motors. But the Xing motors weighs and cost more.

Feb 14, 2020 - New Motors!

I end up getting the BetaFPV 1204 5000kv motors and it is defiantly an upgrade from the 1106 motors I had. I am getting a lot better flight time and the voltage sag is manageable. By switching out the motors the quad now weighs only 89g. I tried using a different props that are lighter. The HQ 65MMX3 prop handled very poorly, and its a toss up between the HQ 2.5x2.5x3 and the Avan Rush 2.5. With the stock PIDs on betaflight version 4.02, I went with the Emax Avan Rush mainly because i have a good supply of them. I plan to try some other props but that is all I have on hand. The biggest issue I had with the HQ 65MMX3 props is the wobble during high speed cornering.

Here are 2 videos of the 1204 5000kv motors with 4s lipo.

Tarsier HD:



Part List


Beta95X Frame Kit (6 builds)

Flight Controller

GEPRC F4 v1.2 12A AIO Toothpick / Whoop Flight Controller (2 builds)


BETAFPV 1204 5000KV Brushless Motors (4pcs)


AVAN Rush 2.5 Inch Prop - RED (22 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Tarsier V2 4K Dual Lens FPV Camera w/ WiFi (46 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO32 NANO 5G8 (225 builds)


Team BlackSheep TBS Crossfire Nano RX - Heli-Nation (703 builds)


GNB 4S 520mah HV 80C XT30 Lipo Battery (12 builds)

Misc Parts

BetaFPV Tarsier Canopy for Beta85X 4K - BlueDefault Title (3 builds)
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yihwoei27   Jun 16, 2020  

With a 12a board running 4s on those motors, do you have to worry about buring out the board?

wrong17   Jun 16, 2020 

Never had any issues with the 12a AIO board on 4s. I have well over 60 flights and still flies like a champ. I think the key is keeping the weight as low as possible, so anything sub 100g should be fine with the 1205 5000kv with a 520mah 4s Lipo. I also do not fly this quad as a racequad and pin the throttle all the time. It might be fine with my flying style but not with others. I hope that helps.

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