6s Fpvcycle Glide - Kabab Style

By Tyrdle on Feb 16, 2020

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I set this glide up like how Kabab recommends and holy crap. It's a beast. This quad has power and responsiveness for days. Here are my thoughts on the parts I chose.

Fpvcycle Glide Frame
This frame is awesome! It's just under 100 grams but has 5mm arms with a smart mounting system in the center. The frame in general is really stiff, light, and has mounting for everything I need.

Talon GigaFusion Stack
The gigafusion stack is a combination of the Fusion F7 dual gyro fc and the Gigawatt 6s 35a esc. The gigawatt is a rebranded Aikon AK32PIN and in my experience it has worked perfectly. The flight controller has a very nice layout and all the pads I needed to use were on the top side of the board.

Rush Tank Mini VTX
Wow. I have honestly never had video as good as with this vtx. I don't know what kind of magic is inside there, but it's an awesome vtx.

Foxeer Micro Razer
This cam is only 17.90 but looks great. It has been wonderful to fly with so far. The fov is a little weird looking when doing flips/rolls but for the price I am very happy.

Amax ET2207 1750kv
These motors are incredibly powerful. The air gap is almost invisible and i'm really impressed with the fit and finish. I ordered these motors from Amax about 3 weeks ago but they were delayed because of coronavirus. They were listed on RDQ 2 weeks in so I decided to cancel my order and buy them there.

note - I bought the gigafusion stack for $72 on sale and the vtx was bought from someone else for $30.



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lnguyen21   Apr 02, 2020  

how did you set up your FC? I'm having this issue where I would get video feed when I'm near my VTX. But the minute I rotate my goggles or move more than a feet away, I lose my feed. It goes static. I'm thinking its a Pitmode issue. What's your input?

Tyrdle   Apr 02, 2020 

I had an issue where the VTX and camera were not getting power at all. Turns out you have to enable a special mode in betaflight for it to turn on power to the vtx and cam.

If that doesn't help and your vtx is just in pitmode, i don't really know what to tell you. I have smart audio set up normally and i just uploaded a vtx table to it.

RZFPV   Feb 16, 2020  

how is the control, thinking about building something like this with either emuflight or flightone

Tyrdle   Feb 17, 2020 

control is awesome... i am still able to lower my filters a lot. they are at stock right now and I know I can take them a lot lower. I can also improve my pids a bit but this thing already flies great

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