Vintage airblade EX

By Chrswn on Feb 16, 2020

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i was running the airblade ex frame with 1105 5000kv motors but it just seemed overweight so i decided to try something with some old parts i had laying around. This build is a blast from the past mixed with a new frame.

airblade ex frame base plate
pod is from atmospheric adventures micro
generic 600tvl cam
6a esc (same ones from the babyhawk 85)
avan 2.3" props (want to try gemfan 3018's but unsure if it'll be too much for the esc)
piko blx aio fc
dys 1104 7500kv (the least efficient motor ive ever come across. i will upgrade when they wear/break)

after a few laps in the backyard my impressions are:
very agile, low flight times 2:30ish, needs more camera tilt, I still want to try 3" props


update: i put gemfan 3018 bi blades on. Much better performance (obviously) compared to the avan 2.3. More float, more top end speed, and surprisingly easier to tune. currently at 80% throttle cut. Plenty of power for me. I think any more power might be too fast for small parks. dry weight now is 67g



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Chris_Schaeffer   Feb 27, 2020  

is there enough room in the frame for a baby turtle whoop version?

Chrswn   Feb 27, 2020 

with the og carbon fiber canopy, probably. not with the pod I used. heres a link to a video of an hd airblade ex i found on YouTube

Chris_Schaeffer   Feb 28, 2020 

Thanks for that! I checked youtube but missed this video. I think there may be some room based on an albert kim video I saw. He was able to fit a beta fpv whoop and runcam split nano whoop version in there with a good amount of room left over. Regardless it looks like it will be tight but should work.

Samiel2d   Feb 16, 2020  

i love frankenquads. mine is on version 2.0 right now. with the 3016 props on my hglrc 1106 6000kv motors they're pulling between 7-8 amps. a throttle limit and rpm filters you can easily keep it below the 6a rating. normal throttle position is about 15% and draws about 2a. this is with about 45* camera angle. i love these props for these sub 75g builds. wi

Chrswn   Feb 17, 2020 

are you running 2 or 3s on the 1106's?

and the avan 2.3's are super quiet and efficient. the build comes in at 68g. but since i have the room, might as well try and see if it improves with larger props.

Samiel2d   Feb 17, 2020 

well i burned up a set of 1104 7500kv motors flying 3" on 3s. 2s flew fine with 2.5" props. im sure you could get away with a 3020 2 bladed props on 2s. right now im running 3s 350mah packs on those 1106 6k motors with any 3" t mount prop. broke my last bottom plate today so in a day or so when i have another i will get amp draws from the other 3" props i have. highest ive seen though was 8a a motor on a 3s punch.

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