My Little Hyphy

By showintellpro on Mar 06, 2017

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It's almost too pretty to fly


*** I just found out what a Brony is
God am I naive; I swear i just thought it was funny.

The Le Hyphy frame is amazing, but its a tight build due to the shortened standoffs. I thought "no problem" I can handle that, i'll just get a PDB flight controller, i've used the Kombini in the past. Went for a LOS maiden.. everything was great!
Then hooked up the VTX and accidentally layed the SMA mounting holes across the VBAT wires... BZZZZ.

Replaced with the BFF3 and used a properly printed SMA holder. Lets see how long it'll be before I mess this up.



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UnderDawg   Apr 19, 2017  

Nice! Glad to see it come together.

showintellpro   Apr 20, 2017 

Thank you! It flies great! So glad to finally be able to use it

HyphPV   Mar 06, 2017  

This is amazing LOL. I'm guessing you're the guy who asked for some pink TPU prints? Unfortunately, I only operate in orange. I can't wait to see this sucka fully built up though bahaha. That "my little hyphy" image is absolutely hilarious. 10/10

showintellpro   Mar 06, 2017 

Thanks! Thats me! Also...the one in the emporium asking about TPU and beefing up the HD wedge.
Can't wait to actually have this finished. Resisting the urge to pull apart other builds to finish this one.

This frame is amazing btw. Loving the low profile, Thanks for a great product and stellar support.

HyphPV   Mar 06, 2017  


HyphPV   Mar 06, 2017  


HyphPV   Mar 06, 2017  


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