Racer X Mutant 4”

By Boeseefus on Feb 27, 2020

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                  Racer X Mutant 4"

Since im addicted to building quads , I figured i should build my first 4". Wasnt trying to build the lightest nor the heaviest of quads, just something that flew well, and was fast. I think I achieved that.

****Still tuning, might try 1606 4000kv motors.

I did try emax 1606 4000kv motors, and did not notice a performance increase, just less efficient. Put the Brother Hobby 1507 4100kv motors back on. Took a lot of tuning to get to fly the way i like, but must say this is my fastest quad i have. Its an absolute rocket ship, and fun to fly.



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Gtchaz   Jun 23, 2020  

Hi there ! I have used exactly the same FC - Mamba mini MK3 , connected my crossfire nano wiring exactly the same as your photo. I have enabled Serial Rx on UART1 in Betaflight but I am getting no stick inputs at all. The Crossfire is succesfully bound - did you have this issue ? Can you think of anything I might be doing wrong ??

Boeseefus   Jun 23, 2020 

Have you made sure your crossfire module & receiver are on same firmware? I use a Nirvana transmitter and i had issues with the latest firmware of crossfire, and had to downgrade to few versions below. When i get a chance ill check my betaflight config, and make sure i didnt have to do anything unusual to get this to work.

Gtchaz   Jun 23, 2020 

Yes - when I bound the crossfire nano to my Tango 2 , it automatically updated the receiver and bound successfully - so i assume they are on same firmware.

Boeseefus   Jul 07, 2020 

Did you ever get your receiver going? Sorry for slow response, haven't even had time to even fly lately.

wiigelec   Feb 28, 2020  

what is the weight including battery?

Boeseefus   Feb 28, 2020 

Ill have to check. I think without battery it was around 150g. Ill check for you when i get a chance

JustJMP   Feb 28, 2020 

Would love to know this as well, looking for a beast under 250g to play with

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