Dragonfly (Hoverbot Nano)

By anisoptera on Jan 26, 2017

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This is my second brushless build. I was looking for a micro that could be flown both inside and outside, while also looking nice. When the Hoverbot came out I was immediately enchanted by how clean and cute it looked. I had several of the parts already lying around (like the tx03) so I got the rest of the bits from Banggood, including two colors of motor.

The build went surprisingly smoothly, given the size of the quad. I had a tussle with the rx - apparently this one doesn't send back telemetry, and my sbus jumper had desoldered itself, so I thought I wasn't correctly binding. But once I resolved that issue and added dental floss to the props, it flies well!

Final weight with battery was 72g. The battery is about 19g on its own.

I'm very happy with it (and happy to be finally done!)



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adroc   Mar 23, 2017  

Is that camera any good and isnt it a bit heavy compared to the others on the market ATM such as this http://www.banggood.com/CM275T-5_8G-25mW-48CH-NTSCPAL-Mini-VTX-600TVL-FPV-Camera-for-DIY-Micro-FPV-Racer-p-1102464.html?rmmds=cart

phazeshifta   Jan 26, 2017  

How well do those props fit on the racerstars? I'm getting mixed messages from people. I've heard people say the shaft is too small so the props are loose and I've heard that the props are very tight on the shafts. Have you ran into any issues?

mwhalen   Feb 01, 2017 

ive had a few fly of these fly off but they dont come with screws and the holes are bigger than m2 possibly m2.5 which i have any of :(
the ones ive got on now seem to be staying on tho :)
im gonna order some eachine 2035's next time see how they hold up (would love to see some diff colours of them tho) plus i can use the screws for these ones if the eachine ones break :D

mwhalen   Feb 01, 2017  

Very,very similar parts list to my build here
looks great a great quad! any videos? would love to see this little critter in action! :)

dopplesiebs   Jan 26, 2017  

The misc. parts list is just too gd funny!

Freaking amazing build, look forward to getting mine done soon!

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