The Cinecube

By OzFPV on Mar 08, 2020

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The goal of this build was to find a good middle ground between a 3" Squirt and Naked Cinewhoop. I found the Squirt to be too big and too loud for close proximity to people flying. I also wanted to avoid the complexity of cutting down props to fit into ducts. I like how light and small the 2"ish Naked Cinewhoops are but I don't want to rip my Hero8 apart to cut weight. I used the Hero8 on my 5" freestyle rigs and it's also under warranty. Finally, I wanted to get about 3mins of flight time. With a 4s 450mah I get about 3.5mins of flight time and it weights in at about 265 grams. GoPro is powered off the balance leads using the TBS USB-C adaptor and 5v step down which saves about 25 grams.



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painfpv   Mar 18, 2020  

"With a 4s 450mah I get about 3.5mins of flight time and it weights in at about 265 grams."

I find it hard to believe that this build flies for 3.5min with a 4s 450mah lipo. The reason I am saying this is because I have a 2.5" build which weights 162g including a 4s 450mah lipo and it flies for 3.5min-4min. Do you mind posting a DVR recording?

OzFPV   Mar 18, 2020 

The video "Little People" is 3:20 single take and I didn't land until the first low voltage warning so I could have easily gotten more than another 10 seconds. I don't have any dvr footage laying around. When I get to it I share it with you but I can assure you I get 3.5mins no problem on a 450mah 4s.

Whiffles   Mar 14, 2020  

Great price for very decent parts! I really like this.

newtrojan   Mar 12, 2020  

Whats the weight with the gopro

OzFPV   Mar 12, 2020 

About 265 grams.

Aurora130   Mar 10, 2020  

Interesting photo spot. Fried Esc's for dinner?

Awesoe build tho!

OzFPV   Mar 12, 2020 

Zero calories and fat free! Thanks! I could have done better with the photoshoot, but gotta take the opportunity while the family is out of my way.

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