Toothbrick 3" HD

By Sconeboy on Mar 09, 2020

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I love this little quad so far, though it definitely needs some tuning. I started with HQ 3x3x3 props, but switched to Gemfan 3016x3 to try and combat voltage sag. I set a throttle limit of 80% and it seems just right for cruising/light freestyle. Once it's tuned I'll upload some goggle DVR. I've only gotten two of the packs I ordered so far. I have some different brand 450mAh 4s, and some 650's on the way.

The VTX is mounted directly to the Canopy by two long M2 bolts (I forgot to measure them). There are two posts with 20x20 spacing, I had to drill them out to get the bolts to thread. So far its holding very tight, but we'll see how it holds up in a crash. The camera is mounted using the included long screws.

Update: got some more batteries in today, they all performed much better. The pulse packs will be reserved for cruising. I switched back to the HQ 3x3x3 props, removed the throttle limit, and regained some much needed power.

Some DVR for anyone interested, it's not completely tuned yet:



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gtang224   Jul 08, 2020  

can this build using dji controller? if do what is the wire configuration?

Sconeboy   Jul 08, 2020 

Yes, you connect the sbus pad on the vista to the sbus pad on the flight controller.

gtang224   Jul 08, 2020 

i am new on this hobby. is it possible you can draw a diagram for all six wires from the vista to the FC?

Nikolaskk   Apr 17, 2020  

I finally finished the build and really love this thing! I do wish the frame and canopy were little more compatible but if I ever have time I might eventually design my own frame to fit the canopy better. But for now this thing is really great. Super light and super powerful. Regarding when your propwash, I was able to get rid of most of it by turning up the filter sliders each to 1.7. See if that helps you at all. thanks again.

Nikolaskk   Apr 13, 2020  

Can you share your PIDs? I know you said they're not perfect but I'd like to have a good starting point. Thanks

Sconeboy   Apr 13, 2020 

Uploaded a screenshot, currently running BF 4.1.1. I have that frame and canopy aswell, but decided they were too heavy for what I was going for. The the Twig XL Vista canopy is ~7g heavier, and the frame is ~11.5 grams heavier, and thats not including the arm bumpers/wire ties.

Nikolaskk   Apr 13, 2020 

Thanks so much! Ya I just weighed mine and it's 25g heavier than your setup and I'm not using any of the extra TPU stuff. I'll be glad to shed that weight, as much as I love the twig frames.

Jakezilla   Apr 14, 2020 

If you have some time, for giggles, you should just give 3.5.7 with stock PIDs a fly.

Jakezilla   Apr 14, 2020  

not gonna lie, I loled when i saw the name of the

Nikolaskk   Apr 13, 2020  

So glad to see this frame and canopy for the vista. Thanks for the tip. I used the TwigXL with their Vista Canopy and it's literally 40 grams heavier than your build. It's built like a tank which is great but it's way too heavy. I've oredered this frame/canopy, excited to swap it over.

Cult   Apr 03, 2020  

Hey, what's your favourite setup now? 4s 450mah & HQ 3x3x3 props?

Sconeboy   Apr 03, 2020 

It's currently a tie between CNHL 450mAh 4s, and GNB 520mAh 4s HV. The HQ 3x3x3 props seem to be perfect with these motors.

Zin_007   Mar 10, 2020  

Nice build!
I am looking forward to this child's flight video!

Sconeboy   Mar 13, 2020 

Here you go! just a little clip, I need to get the tune really dialed in.

Zin_007   Mar 14, 2020 

Very beautiful video! nice!

Jodie Froster   Mar 12, 2020  

100% awesome

Sconeboy   Mar 13, 2020 


Pairadime   Mar 11, 2020  

I like it! Built a similar quad without the vista with same motors but different kv.  I was just complaining that the vista air unit is still too big and then I see this. 😁

Sconeboy   Mar 13, 2020 

It's awfully heavy for a quad this size, but it works!

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