Moka Gravity

By Vince_fpv on Mar 10, 2020

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This is My Moka gravity frame. Really solid, a bit complicate to mount as you cannot take it apart complety without removing the motor from the ESCs



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Tramol   Mar 13, 2020  

Wow really interesting frame design! How do the arms lock in? It would be cool if they had a 6-7" prop version.

Vince_fpv   Mar 16, 2020 

Those props are 6" and you can put 7" without any problem. About the arms, there is a small hole in the frame thas allow you to block them with a zip tide or similar, but because the motor rotation are inverted they stay full open anyway. This advantage (and disaventage) of not using physical lock is that the arms folde in case of crash, so they won't brake (but also you have to do a "walk of shame"). Here a video about how reversed motor lock the arms (this is the 3inch version of the frame but the principale is the same)

kwadkenstine   Mar 10, 2020  

Imho it needs 2508 1700kv and 7 in . other than that Super Chill

Vince_fpv   Mar 11, 2020 

main issue with the 7 inch is that it will not fold as nicely (props going to be out of the frame). about the motor size i followed the spec advice by mokaframe. i suspect bigger motor to be too much exposed. with this config the quad is really responsive and ready for freestyle with about 7 mins flight (with 1500mah)

kwadkenstine   Mar 11, 2020 

Every quad you build is super responsive till you build a better one then you will wonder why you bothered with the old one.

Jodie Froster   Mar 10, 2020  

That's an insanely cool build!!!!! Man am I ever glad that frame isn't $100, I would actually buy that. What a complex and detailed build, that must be SO satisfying to fly. You have inspired me, i'm sure (from your pics) that this is an advanced build, and i'm gonna dive in.

Vince_fpv   Mar 10, 2020 

Thank you very much Jodie! The build itself is challenging because you need to double check everything (arms open and arms close) but with that in mind it is as a usual build. The Moka team did a really good job on this frame and there is plenty of space to be creatif. The only issue with this frame is that as soon as you solder the motor it get harder to access the flight controller because you cannot totally remove the side of the frame.

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