By IcarusIX on Mar 11, 2020

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After some time 'experimenting' with fixed wing stuff and multirotors, I became tired and found that I wanted to just fly and not mess around with shiz.
so I made this for some reason? idk why, send help

2450kv 6s 5150biblade plus qwod,
toooob2, in short.

updates: tuning required. with this setup I kinda guessed.

update: dead



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1Smug_Bastard   Mar 22, 2020  

Anyone ever consider making the "arms" into winglets? Was thinking that while this wouldn't generate lift per say, it would help to keep the carft stable at higher speeds. Could also help with hangtime as the copters winglets would "slow" its fall.

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1Smug_Bastard   Mar 26, 2020 

So how goes it?

IcarusIX   Apr 12, 2020 

I lose the dare :( broke it beyond where I could be bothered to fix it and then pandemic

1Smug_Bastard   Apr 12, 2020 

Its ok... I've dragging my feet too.
Wanted to get into a 4S nano build but thus far i keep finding excuses not to.

Jodie Froster   Mar 12, 2020  

how do the 3d pinted brackets do holding the tubes, do they wiggle loose? Did you glue them?

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IcarusIX   Mar 13, 2020 

thanks, I feel like this is one of the most obvious ways of going about contemplating a frame but i'll find out soon why fiming rigs use it and racing quads dont haha

Jodie Froster   Mar 13, 2020 

aaah, I hadn't thought about the effect that crashing will have on those brackets.. Super curious how it holds up

IcarusIX   Mar 13, 2020 

ill update the pics in a few weeks

kwadkenstine   Mar 12, 2020  


IcarusIX   Mar 12, 2020 

WHOOOOO I'm joining your mini crusade building non cf plate frame/s ☩👑 still, this was the most satisfying frame assembly ever and maybe the easiest. probs gonna be my fastest so far

kwadkenstine   Mar 12, 2020 

Glad you understand

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