TWIG Speed Racer

By Miyagi on Mar 17, 2020

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Buddy gave this to me.
I had no idea I would like this.
I am excited after seeing him fly his little toothpick racer!
I am making mine for 1S only!
Almost done, already!
1103 11000kv motors.
BeeCore OMNIBUS F3 V1 Flight Controller
Eos2 camera
Flywood leds!
This will be flyable as soon as the RX arrives in the mail.
I didn't think I would like this.
But i saw mu buddy Luis flying is toothpick in my front yard!
Thanks Luis!



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Sconeboy   Apr 06, 2020  

What's that little plate the VTX is sitting on? Where did you get it?

Miyagi   May 11, 2020 

I have been trying to remember where it c from.
But sadly, i can't a buddy says i got it from Banggoos and it is no longer avialable.
If i find a new one i will let you know.

Sconeboy   May 11, 2020 

Thank you, I still search for one every couple of weeks but it looks like no one makes one.

OptimaZe   Mar 18, 2020  

Welcome to the wonderful world of FPV Kwads! Happy Flying!!

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