Guano - ROTA 100 - Toothpick

By Apeian on Mar 15, 2020

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Just got my new 3D Printer and had some spare quad parts - time to have some fun ;). This is my first toothpick build, and was a bit challenging to get the mishmosh of parts to all fit together nicely in the stack. The 3d printed frame, canopy, and mounting plate had to be tweaked as well (glad I had a Nice to know now I can always reprint the frame if I crash. ;p It was pretty cheap to build, and it flies great. All up weight without battery is 51.3 grams..not to shabby...I'll upload some footage shortly... :D



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mgeeforce   Mar 21, 2020  

What filament did you use?

Apeian   Mar 21, 2020 

Hey..I used standard white PLA 1.75mm that came with the AnyCubic Mega-S. I printed the frame on the high quality (.06 in Cura) and did the infill at 100% to make it as strong as possible. I may look at another material if it doesnt hold up..but its pretty strong. It took 3 hours to print, but the finish is great. ;)

OptimaZe   Mar 16, 2020  

Nice work! I recently finished a similar build myself, and have been having a blast flying it.

Apeian   Mar 17, 2020 

Thx bud...did reverse props on this too...makes such a difference on small build like this.

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