Kopis CInewhoop concept

By M490fpv on Mar 22, 2020

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Decided to try to design a new ducts to Kopis Cinewhoop.
Kopis frame is very good platform to my purpose, since it is quite low prized, frame is really rigid but original ducts are crap :P
I designed a hollow double duct to replace the original hard plastic ducts. I am aiming to have more durability and softer crashes.
Bigger ducts means, that i had to redesign the cam cage plates to bring the camera forward. I also remixed the GoPro mount to come more forward.
I designed a simple antenna mount to Caddx Vista (Rush) antenna to rear. Also some landing pads.
One duct weights about 60g. It sounds a lot but if you take e.g. Taycan: Two ducts weight alone 15g each, then foam, 6 standoffs, top and bottom sandwich plates -> goes very close to this. I weighted my Bumblebee build to same weight with this design, about 350g without gopro and lipo.

All printable parts are here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4235898

I use some old Gemfan Hulkie 5055 props now and they work very well trimmed close to duct.

I have the Betaflight version 4.1.5 and latest blheli32 flashed
Motor timing is set to Auto and pwm frequency is 48hHz in blheli32.
I run Dshot600 with 8k/8k, because i use the F7 fc.
Rpm filters are on.

I copied my settings (shown in the pics) from cinewhoopers Facebook page. My bird flies like a dream with these! Super smooth!
Removed the previous settings from this text, because these new are WAY better! :)


Part List


Holybro Kopis CineWhoop Frame

Flight Controller



4 x Iflight Moteur XING 1507 - 4200Kv (4 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Caddx Vista HD System (6 builds)
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HushThatPanda   Apr 09, 2020  

I was about to strip this quad for parts and make a new one, the ducts were so bad. Gonna give it another shot with your new and improved ducts after seeing this!

M490fpv   Apr 09, 2020 

Great! :) I have got a lot of good feedback about this concept.

kwadkenstine   Mar 24, 2020  

Cheers man , I have to het myselfe some mad cad skills like yours, will be having a good solid go at this one,

M490fpv   Mar 25, 2020 

Thanks mate! Took me a couple of proto ducts to make it work properly, but now it flies great 😊

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