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By SD_AE86 on Mar 17, 2020

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Hey y'all,

AE86 checking in here for my Frankenstein build... I am new to the rotor build commmunity and so I thought I'd start off with remixing my first quadcopter the Eachine Tyro 129.... #1 I love this quads price $118 bucks (w/ banggood coupon) for a complete quad with gps...my wife doesnt ask questions or give me dirty looks like I walked in the house with new firearm or race car part, if I crash it oh well I dont feel like I've been kicked in the nuts or my wallet went up in flames ..#2 its simplicity of putting it together, its flight smoothness with the capability of light acro, topped off with 15mins of flight time with a monster 4s 5000mah battery brick strapped to the bottom.
But like any car dude you can't ever leave it stock & I despise props in any field off view... because I have ADHD and spinning objects....squirrel....

So I found a cheap 7" rooster knockoff on amazon and gave it a make over.
Beware the rooster frame has no instructions on its assembly so you'll be left scratching your head when you have half of your hardware it came with still in the bag after assembly.
Unlike the real deal Armattan that uses a unibody lower plate... these have bolt on arms o

First issue, amazon is a liar... 7" frame my $&"".
Stock Dalprops 7" from the tyro dont fit and the prop tips touch...;) so I am utilizing 6" azure props, and extending the motor wires leads.. I installed tinysleds racewire LEDs to lengthen the wires & to add visual reference point for flying LOS in the distance.... these lights are amazing, as they pulsate and increase in brightness when you give any inputs and throttle.

Second issue, is the upper deck will have to be raised about 3mm to clear the vtx & FC stack. Utilize longer screws paired with a stack of about 3nuts under the top plate and it works fine.

3rd issue is the micro camera mounting... you will have to get creative with hardware and spacers to mount the stock caddx camera. M2 thread screws fit the mount.

I slapped on a Frsky r9mm OTA rx I had lying around and it gets suprisingly excellent range when you crank the vtx power and tx to 1W. You can even utilize the original tyro vtx antenna mount and attach it to rear frame standoffs, since its tpu it flexes slighty to bend over the rear deck frame posts.... add some antenna tubes to the rx and ziptie them to the lower rear frame..

I mounted the GPS module on the upper deck by cutting a small square in the foam pad and secured it using the original 3m adhesive tape circle that came with the tyro, to reduce shock, and not have it touch the carbon, then ziptied it...the gps puck picks up satelites no problem within a few second of powering the quad.

Other than that its a straight forward swap with all the tyro parts, that makes a fun cruiser & signifcantly less jello on your action camera than the original 129 frame.. Its surprisingly quiet for a bigger quad...almost to the point of ninja status, which I assume this is due to the azure props swept back design with the upward taper on the ends, similar to rotorblade tip caps on real rotary aircraft.

I Imagine the total for this project is probably about less than 160- -$180 range if buying all new parts.. which includes buying the complete quad from banggood rather piecing individual items to save cash.

Its definitely not a fast speeding acro monster but it moves more like a greased up stripper reaching for dollars after a her songs over..smooth, & incognito.

I guess the fundemental rule of car building applies to quad building as well... they can be: Fun, Cheap, or Fast....choose 2.



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DrMacca   Mar 23, 2020  

"Its definitely not a fast speeding acro monster but it moves more like a greased up stripper reaching for dollars after a her songs over..smooth, & incognito." This made my day! 🤣🤣🤣

Great build!

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