By aGrav on Mar 30, 2020

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I think this frame was intended for dual camera rigs however, I like the idea of one camera... two cams is too much haha! I added the runcam DVR, hopefully the recording quality will be alright, if not, I may upgrade to a HD cam system with built in DVR. The holes in the frame happen to fit a 5/8" OD rubber grommet; I used one with 1/4" ID as an antenna soft mount for the AXII Stubby, gets the antenna securely out of the way and facing my general direction... under the quad =) It also creates a nice little cant to the quad on lift off. Not sure if the ESC shield is going to help, but I figured what the hell, and stuck it on in hopes of cleaning up noise in my gyros and VTX. Printed WoodInMD's frame guards on Form3 in Tough1500 Resin, hopefully it lives up to its name.
Update - So I've been flying this thing for a couple months now, and it's pretty bulletproof (props excluded of course).



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lorenzo220580   Apr 01, 2020  

hi,nice build but the vtx antenna under te model is not so safe....

aGrav   Apr 02, 2020 

How come? signal dips?

lorenzo220580   Apr 02, 2020 

if you fly far away the best position for the vtx antenna is on top the model not down.
when you go back home the carbon frame between the video diversity receiver and the vtx antennax (I tried on my skin) is a problem.

aGrav   Apr 02, 2020 

Thank you for the heads up👍. great advice. I had not thought of this.

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