Junco - FlySpeck-Trashcan Mashup

By aGrav on Mar 19, 2020

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I love the Trashcan and busted the frame and a prop shaft, so I decided to convert it to a Junco with the flyspeck canopy (thanks Trappy, for making this stl available!!!) and micro-antenna (love this antenna btw!). The canopy is printed in 3DX-tech Nylon Carbon-X, the Junco frame is printed in FormLabs Tough1500 (photos are in standard white, but it shattered on first flight, the Tough1500 has taken some real beatings and survived so far). The photos show it missing the busted motor, but the happymodel 0803 16000KV motors have arrived and been installed. This mashup actually flies great=)



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aGrav   Apr 12, 2020  

updated photos with tough1500 frame, new motors and gemfan props. the 4 blade props fly much better than 3

EpikOlogie   Apr 03, 2020  

wait do I need the eachine trashcan or not? what does misc mean?

aGrav   Apr 06, 2020 

Hi, No, you don't need the trashcan, I just used the parts from it. you can use any whoop style fc, camera, and 06xx-08xx motors you would like. 'misc' is the miscellaneous category that rotorbuilds uses to allow us to add links to parts used that are not given a category.

EpikOlogie   Apr 06, 2020 

oh ok, thanks, might make this

EpikOlogie   Apr 03, 2020  

could I also use any 300mAh battery? not only the one you gave in the list?

aGrav   Apr 06, 2020 

The trashcan fc is 2s voltage, I just bought the 1s 300Mah BNGs because they were a good deal on amazon. I'm sure you can use a veriety of 1s batteries. A lot of people seem to be swapping the power lead to xt30 and using 2s-xt30 batteries on their brushless whoops. I just kept it on the stock JST connectors because I have a bunch of 1s batteries hanging around.

StickyRice   Mar 24, 2020  

im confused how this was printed hahahaha looks reallyyy cool tho!!!

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aGrav   Mar 25, 2020 

I trimmed the bottom of the flyspeck canopy by 6mm to remove the extra height to accomadate the junco frames inset FC housing.

StickyRice   Mar 25, 2020 

thiss makes sensee ahahah...a regular 3d printer for the frame would be wayy to fragile...thanks for the reply!!

aGrav   Mar 25, 2020 

NP, Yeah, it shatters, and the supports are rediculously difficult to remove.

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